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Your Business Connectivity

Today, no business can operate without some element of connectivity to the outside world using data. This is not news. And there are a number of suppliers from whom you can acquire connectivity for your business. What is going to be key however, is the service you get prior to receiving the product and beyond the connectivity installation.

At Daisy Business Solutions, connectivity solutions go way beyond; we custom design and structure a system for the optimal productivity of your business, so you can get on with what you do best.

Fibre is the latest generation of data connectivity and one of the major advantages is the ability to deploy an on-demand connection

Daisy Business Solutions structures fit-for-purpose connectivity designed for your business’s optimal functionality.

With extensive industry knowledge, thanks to an extensive coverage of multiple business silos, we are perfectly placed to advise on your specific requirements and tailor-make a connectivity solution for your business.

Daisy has access to a variety of connectivity products, including

Telkom, Liquid, Vodacom, Econet and Seacom to name a few, so when it comes to selecting a product, you are not tied to a supplier, but can expect to get the best fit for your unique business connectivity requirements

Fibre flexibility is the ideal business connectivity solution.

How does fibre connectivity differ from traditional data connectivity?

It offers flexibility to increase your data allocation, therefore fibre improves your functionality.

Perhaps, fibre’s greatest property is that it is an enabler. It is the essential foundation onto which you can build functionalities, such as Voice and Cloud services for example. Cloud services are a security necessity. Every business should be able to upload to a cloud to avoid loss of valuable data.

Hosted email is another service, which can be added. Remote realtime and archived monitoring of CCTV footage for security purposes is possible through apps which are accessible when connectivity is on demand (which is the case with fibre).

Flexibility is key for any business looking to grow.

Beyond lightning speed, why get fibre?

Time is money, so it’s no secret fast fibre is truly worth its weight in gold. It clearly increases the functionality of your business and at the same time offers the opportunity to manage and monitor usage to allow for optimal productivity. For example, with fibre, you can manage bandwidth, so you get to decide when to give your employees access to social media. Limiting bandwidth during core working hours means there will only be enough for business related online activity. You therefore control the online ecosystem by inputting realtime protocols.

Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol technology allows you to make telephone calls via your fibre internet connection, so you’re not making use of traditional copper phone lines.  The result is a huge reduction in your telephone bill.


You no longer need to manage your PBX hardware.

Enjoy more efficient communication

Solutions can be designed to accommodate the size of your business, and there is space to grow and evolve.

You may choose a unique 087 number or maintain your existing landline number. 

Additional connectivity products:

Hosted voice services, Core voice services, Value added voice services, Audio conferencing, Email services, IS SMS, Fax


Obviously what you really want is a product, which delivers, but when it doesn’t, that’s when you want service that’s lightning fast efficient and dependable every time, anytime. In fact you need a service provider that knows there’s a problem even before you do and is acting to optimise uptime rather than only being around to reconnect during downtime.

The Daisy Business Solutions service difference:

Your connectivity superior service experience is driven by the following key factors.

  1. A thorough consultation prior to the presentation and offering of your custom-designed business connectivity solution
  2. On-call highly trained technical staff who constantly receive state-of-the-art up-skilling.
  3. Real-time, live proactive monitoring of links, so we can solve problems even prior to a customer calling us.  This ensures optimal up-time.


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