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Is your Business at Risk? 6 Reasons to Upgrade your CCTV

6 Reasons to Upgrade your CCTV and have them installed at your business premises



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1. Get increased peace of mind with CCTV coverage that never sleeps.

CCTV cameras be installed to monitor all areas (including blind spots) of your premises and immediate surrounds, and with real-time remote video surveillance you really are covered 24/7.  A CCTV system never sleeps, so it boosts the efficacy and reliability of security personnel and in certain cases can replace or reduce the need for security guards, thus saving costs.

2. Lower the risks of shoplifting, break-in, burglary and vandalism

With a full view of your business premises plus real-time recorded footage, and the option of remote online access via smartphone, computer, tablet, etc., you can react immediately to any risk or danger and enhance the safety and security of your employees, customers, and of course your business.

3. Motivate excellent staff practices.

CCTV allows you to monitor the behaviour of your staff, while recorded footage provides valuable evidence in the case of any disputes or disciplinary issues, in that it not only provides proof of wrongdoing, but it also serves to prevent false accusation. It has been shown that knowledge of a CCTV presence is likely to have a positive effect on both staff and customer behaviour.

4. Early fire and flood warnings save lives and money.

Early fire detection of fire or flooding caused by a burst pipe or geyser means rapid action can be taken to minimise loss of life, injury, and damage to premises.

5. CCTV provides evidence to back up insurance claims

CCTV footage is invaluable when trying to submit an insurance claim for an accident or event, particularly where no witnesses were present.

6. Catch criminals in the act and increase the chances of conviction

CCTV recorded footage at a crime scene can be used as evidence when arresting and convicting criminals, and getting them off the streets, thus increasing not only your safety and security, but the community’s at large.  


“Daisy, Specialists in Business Security”

“CCTV’s are becoming increasingly important for the protection of  your property, assets and business. Would-be criminals are often deterred by the presence of CCTV cameras, and footage provides valuable evidence and or information which can result in arrests, prosecution and conviction.”


CCTV cameras monitor Foot Count

Product: Hikvision 1-MP Dual Lens Intelligent People Counting Network Camera

Functions: This camera counts people entering, exiting, and passing by, providing valuable data for marketing as well as spatial and positioning strategies and decisions. Data is stored in flash memory.

Specs: Dual lens, dual CPU, support stereoviews with 12VDC. PoE (Power over Ethernet) allows for a minimal number of wires as data cables are used instead of power cords.

At the point of sale CCTV cameras monitor customer behaviour or stock data collection.

Product: Hikvision DS-NC 908-E

Functions: POS (Point of Sale) Text overlay. Cameras positioned at till points display and record items scanned at point of sale. Ideal for bars, restaurants, and shops.

Specs: RS-232 Serial Device Server.

Use it to connect any serial device to an Ethernet network. Supports various operation modes, which facilitate the back-and-forth transmission of data. Egg. PPP/SLIP.

Product: Hikvision Thermal Network and Bullet Camera with 10mm lens

Functions: Infrared/heat and fire detection

Specs: 384×288 Resolution, advanced fire detection, field of view 36° x 27°, H.264+, support mirror image. Audio and alarm I/O, SD memory card. Power POE, 24VAC 12 VDC.

Product: UHF Long Range Reader and Long Range RFID Readers (Radio-Frequency Identification)–RFID uses radio waves to read as well as capture information on a tag attached to an object.

Functions: Ideal for transport and vehicle management, car parking, production process control and access control. Long-range readers are used mostly to track large or high-value assets across large areas and spaces.

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“Daisy, Specialists in Business Security”

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