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Mandela Day, The Daisy Way 2019

“67 Minutes of Goodwill”

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Daisy Business Solutions Mandela Day 2019!

It was more than just 67 minutes of goodwill at Daisy this past Thursday, as we celebrated the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. Our branches all over South Africa took action by reaching out to different communities with the purpose of inspiring change.

The family had a blissful day as we took pleasure in helping the less fortunate and seeking new ways to empower those around us. Our day started bright and early in Bryanston at the Hospice Wits, an NPO that assists those with terminal illness live their lives free of pain and distress.

“Daisy Bryanston Family at Hospice Wits”

Our Bryanston staff showed hospitality by helping clean-up the storerooms, washing the windows and also lent a helping hand at the Orange Grove shop.

With the same spirit our Bryanston staff members assisted by repainting the roof, part of the pre-school as well as the jungle gym at Melkriver School. Their day ended in celebration as they braaied their way into the hearts of 130 school kids and staff members.

 “Our Melkrivier Bundles of Joys”

Pretoria was not far behind as they celebrated this exceptional day by donating sanitary pads/ deodorant/ soaps/ toothpaste and toilet paper to Hoerskool Hercules.

On top of that our Pretoria Family branched out to Valhalla Primary by painting the school and giving away hair bands to the girls.

In addition, they sponsored chairs as well as playing sports with the kids. Furthermore our Pretoria Family donated company branded soccer balls and netballs.

“Daisy Pretoria Family at Hoerskool Hercules & Valhalla Primary School”

In ending, they donated 15 blankets to the Unjani Clinic Atteridgeville in Ramushu Street.

Brendan Breedt, New Business Manager;“It was heart warming seeing the patients snuggling in our warm blankets accompanied by warm smiles on their faces”.

“Daisy Pretoria Family at Unjani Clinic”

“Every soul deserves a family and a caring hand”  is the slogan at Change for the better, and our family was indeed there to help. Daisy Cape Town & Triumph-Adler SA, showed compassion and humanity by donating cat and dog food to those who can not speak for themselves; the animals of cause.

“Daisy Cape Town & TA SA at Change for the Better NPO”

The staff enjoyed their day by devoting their care, love and time, by accompanying the dogs for their walks. Wait, it did not end there.

Luandie Becker, Operations and Admin Manager at Triumph-Adler SA; “as an ongoing initiative, we promise to build a puppy pen/shelter within the next few months”.

Should you wish to contribute in building materials please contact Luandie Becker at 021 508 4000/

“Daisy Cape Town & TA SA at Change for the Better NPO”

A warm thank you to everyone who contributed to this amazing day. Our family is expanding and we could not have done it without you. Thank you for lending a hand and inspiring change.

“Daisy is committed to continue dedicating our time and resources to those who need it most”

Take Me There – VIDEO


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