Let The Games Begin | Daisy Business Solutions

Let The Games Begin

This means war #TheDaisyWay


Daisy Business Solutions launches The GP Challenge 2019


After all the anticipation and excitement, the 3rd annual GP Challenge is finally here.

Daisy Business Solutions invites you to join in the hype in hosting this year’s GP Challenge sales competition.

For the next 6 weeks, from 1st November until 13th December 2019, The Settlers and The Voortrekkers, will be once again going head-to-head in a national competition which will highlight the strongest and fiercest Daisy competitors.

North vs South, Inland vs Coastal, all coming together to compete for honour, glory and boasting rights !!!

With the Voortrekkers winning the two previous encounters, the Daisy Coastal Settlers have been hard at work preparing for this year’s challenge.

We chatted to a representative from each team to hear their thoughts on the up and coming competition.

“The Settlers will dominate at a level never seen before in 30 years at Daisy”, says Izan Botha, of the Cape Winelands.

“The Settlers have given us lemons, so we brought some sugar, got our sale’s team together and we are now making HONEY!”, says Derrick Reddly, of Pretoria.

Good luck to all involved and may the best team win.

Let the games begin!




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