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Let’s Keep The Ball Rolling

“Cash In Your Back Pocket”#TheDaisyWay



Daisy update on the sales voucher programme!

The Daisy Sales Team have kept the ball rolling after the launch of the new Sales Voucher Programme last month.

It has been a successful few weeks since the launch, with a considerable amount of devices being moved. This has benefited Daisy Sales Reps across the country by putting more money in their back pockets.

It has created more traffic in our warehouses, and inspired the spirit of Daisy; we wouldn’t want you to miss out.

The latest stats show that up until the 19th of October, as a collective, a considerable amount of devices have been moved across the Daisy Group.

The Gauteng Region (JHB, PTA) has sold the most print devices with the Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal closely behind.

Fortune favours the bold, so sign those deals and increase your earnings with additional monthly payouts per print device sold.

“It has been fantastic since this intensive was launched. With it being driven on a weekly bases, we look forward to higher numbers towards the end of this quarter and leading into the new year”,  says Coenie Boonzaair -CPT.

“Everyone is doing well. Vouchers are being handed out and printers are selling out. It has also been a great commission opportunity and build-up for our GP”,  says Allan Parrera -JHB.

There is always room at the top with the incentive running while stocks last.

Remember, The more units sold, the more vouchers, more money in your pocket!

“Unlike sport, in business the win-win is the best possible score” #TheDaisyWay


-by Daisy




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