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One Step Closer

“Guess Whose Winning”


Daisy Business Solutions GP Challenge Week 2

Teams are starting to get anxious, the championship is getting tougher and tougher, and both The Settlers and The Voortrekkers are fighting tooth and nail for this year’s GP Cup.  

As we approach the halfway point in the competition, teams are using this opportunity to reassess, tweak strategies and put their best foot forward.

Last week saw some tremendous success, with both teams generating great numbers, increasing GP and upping their activity.

While it is still anyone’s game, it’s great to also recognize the amount of motivation, team work and Daisyness that has been circulating around the offices. 

This is not a game of fate, as both teams are fighting to become victorious.

It will take more than just courage to win this one, as even the smallest of deals can affect the end result. 

“This has motivated the reps to really push as hard as possible for the Voortrekker to be victories 3 years in a row.  Our strategy is to not lose deals big or small! After all we don’t see any competition”,  says Ben Truter, of Pretoria.

“The vibe in the office has been great and everyone is on the ball and ready to go all out to finish the year strong. The Voortrekkers may be the reigning champions, but much like England, do not underestimate your opponents as we are more than ready to take home the cup this year”, says Hyron Thyse of Cape Town .

Daisy would like to congratulate Darryn Rossouw – Settler and Stefan De Kock-Voortrekkers for winning top performance last week; view video interview below. 


Darren Rossouw- Settlers



Stefan De Kock-Voortrekkers

Voortrekkers -WATCH VIDEO


Daisy wishes you all the best this week.

Round 3. Let’s get ready to rumble !!! 

Updated GP Numbers to follow.


-by Daisy

Watch the video to learn more