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The GP Knock Out Round

GP Predictions, What Is In The Numbers?


Daisy Business Solutions GP Challenge Week 3

The Voortrekkers and Settlers, have finally reached the half-way mark of our glorious GP Challenge 2019, and the predictions have started to pour in. 

Despite both teams going head-to-head over the past few years and The Voortrekkers winning consecutively, The Settlers are bringing on their best game hoping to scoop this into the bag. 

Since the challenge was launched, for the past few weeks, both teams were judged according to their signed GP scores from November, 1st 2019. 

There has been some awesome figures coming in as each team sets the bar higher for their contender, creating a fantastic pipeline for the rest of the year and 2020. 

The Voortrekker has been on the ball accumulating about R10 771 753 worth of Total GP during the past two weeks, while The Settlers produce a whopping R10 902 249 in total. 

Of course it’s still anyone’s game as there are two more weeks left to change all odds.

Remember, it’s always seems impossible until it’s done.

“The GP Challenge is always a big drive which celebrates glory. Money talks and this year the cup will definitely come home to where it belongs, with The Settlers. To the opposition,  BE CAREFUL Voortrekkers for we are about to take back our trophy”,  says Anthony Deeb of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

“The challenge has been awesome and the incentive should continue every year. I am very proud to be part of the dominating team, The Voortrekkers, who have won the challenge ever since. Thank you for the sweet wishes from The Settlers, as we will continue to enjoy our cup. We will sure send them a ‘Thanks for participating’ award after we bring it home”, says Scott de Vantier of Gauteng.

Daisy would like to congratulate Mitchell Cowie – Settler and Morgaine Fitzgerald-Voortrekkers for winning top performance last week; view video interview below. 


Mitchell Cowie- Settlers



Morgaine Fitzgerald-Voortrekkers

Voortrekkers -WATCH VIDEO


Daisy wishes you all the best this week.

Round 4. The ball is in your court!!! 


Watch the video to learn more