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Playing Catch up

The GP Challenge, Week 5


Daisy Business Solutions GP Challenge Week 5

After last week’s showdown, both The Settlers and The Voortrekkers were ready to get back in the game.

Although the ‘Knock Out Stage’ revealed some hard realities, none of the teams are backing down. If anything, everyone is back in the saddle and going for the gold.

While The Settlers are in the lead and The Voortrekkers not far behind, the game is only getting more intriguing.   

After regrouping and refining strategies, both groups are ready for the final push!

Besides a competition, the GP Challenge has been a great initiative assisting sales reps with increasing activity and growing their GP number.

It has also brought a new sense of team confidence as well as creating a greater pipeline for the end of 2019 leading into 2020.

The ball is still in anyone’s court and with a little hard work and perseverance, it could be anyone’s game.

“The competition has been challenging with both teams throwing everything at it. There’s a lot of exhaustion, but what I find surprising is that the foot has not come off the gas. Everyone is pulling together for a common goal which is a testament of #TheDaisyWay”,  says Brett Thorpe of Johannesburg.

“The competition is fierce but through perseverance and hard work you’re able to convince the clients that ‘you’re the guy’. I encourage the opposition team to just keep working harder”, says Stefan Kleijnkans of Winelands.

Daisy would like to congratulate Stefan Kleijnhans – Settler and Brett Thorpe-Voortrekkers for winning top performance last week; view video interview below. 


Stefan Kleijnhans – Settlers



Brett Thorpe-Voortrekkers

Voortrekkers -WATCH VIDEO


Finals week is upon us, big moves, big deals, big numbers ahead.

See you all next week!


Watch the video to learn more