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Its A Close One

The GP Challenge, “It went down to the wire”


Daisy Business Solutions GP Challenge

It all went down to the wire as the Daisy Sales Reps finished their final week of the GP Challenge.

After an intense 6 weeks of hard work,  perseverance and stamina, the Settlers and Voortrekkers have finally crossed the finish line. 

Since November 1st until 13th December 2019, the Settlers and Voortrekkers have been going head-to-head competing against one another for glory, honour, pride and of course the championship. 

Despite predictions and past victories, it all boils down to the team with the most GP. The winner will walk away with bragging rights and the famous golden GP Challenge Cup.

It’s extremely close with a deal or two separating the two teams. GP scores will be evaluated; and thereafter, winners will be announced early next year. 

“This year will be a close one. The Voortrekkers have won the past two victories, and I still put my money on my team”,  says Duane O’Brian of JHB.

“Well done to the entire Daisy Team for excelling in 2019. This year has been a great achievement for everyone and again, the Settlers will beat the Voortrekkers by a landslide”, says Darryn Rossouw of KZN.

“Like every year, the GP Challenge brings people closer but further apart. It creates some healthy competition between the two different regions and the result is obviously #DaisyForTheWin”, says Mike Stopford of JHB.

“The GP Challenge is a great initiative every year which ensures the group keeps their feet flat and keeps pushing until the final hurdle. It definitely brings the best out of the group”, says Gareth Gibson of KZN.

“I think it’s definitely a win for the Voortrekkers. I think it’s commendable that the coastal guys have put their mouths to the challenge but I don’t think that’s enough this year because the trophy is ours”, says Scott de Vantier of WC.

“Better luck next year to the Voortrekkers. The settlers have worked hard and smart with all the great different products we had to sell”, says Daniel Lefevre of WC.

“Fantastic competition, I am a big believer in being competitive as it helps drives sales across the line especially this time of the year”, says Izon Botes of WC.

There are no winners or losers- just one big family of warriors. Daisy would like to congratulate all sales reps for their participation, enthusiasm, willingness and hard work.

View below some awesome interviews recapping this year’s annual GP challenge. 

The Settlers


The Voortrekkers

Voortrekkers -WATCH VIDEO

Season’s greetings to you and your family, and a happy new year!


-by Daisy


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