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Let’s Hit The Fairway

Daisy Kicks Off This Year’s Daisy Golf Schools Events

Daisy Golf School Events 2020!


In an effort to continually build strong business relationships, Daisy Johannesburg hosted their 4th Golf School Day event at the prestigious Johannesburg Country Club, last week Thursday, 6 Feb 2020.

Our people have always been our greatest assets, therefore, it is our mission to spread our Daisyness with our business partners and communities.

‘Smiles and laughter @ the Johannesburg Country Club,6 Feb 2020.’

It is these events that are the perfect opportunity to share our unique culture, which ultimately brings everyone together, our glue, which sets us apart from the rest, we call it #TheDaisyWay.

After registration, some great laughs and entertainment, clients enjoyed the opportunity to play golf while interacting with Senior Daisy Management outside the ‘Boardroom’.

‘Enjoy delicious beverages, prizes and penalties while gazing over a breathtaking view.’

The feedback from clients has been tremendous with many requesting invites to the next event, which occur every first Thursday of each month. 

‘People buy from people, and spending a day in a relaxed environment cements the foundation of a mutually beneficial business relationship with your customers.’

‘Our dedicated Daisy Directors with our business partners.’

Duane O’Bryan- Connectivity Manager JHB says, “These events have been successful, as you have a whole afternoon and early evening with your clients to understand their plans and current challenges and how Daisy can plug into their growth plans. You can cover a lot more with a client over the afternoon than 1 hour in their boardroom.”

‘Great opportunity to interact with Senior Daisy Management outside the boardroom.’

Derick Reddley- Director- PTA advises, “Its key to target the right customer and have an idea of the outcome which you want out of a day like this. Use these days to get all prospects with open opportunities above a certain value to engage with yourself and other clients and make them part of the Daisy family. Relationships are key in building stronger client acquisitions and retention”.

We look forward to many more Golf Days and amazing sales results.


Watch the video to learn more