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A Race Against Time

Rare Disease Day 2020 #TheDaisyWay


Daisy Business Solutions Supports The Jada Foundation

The Daisy group was excited to commemorate this year’s Rare Disease Day by getting behind the awareness of Vanishing White Matter Disease around the world.

In an effort to support the Jada Foundation, Daisy Business Solutions showed their contribution by purchasing and wearing their “Jeans for Jada” stickers on Friday, 28th of February 2020.

‘Jada-Ann, 9-years-old’

The foundation is inspired around the beautiful 9-year-old Jada-Ann, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Vanishing White Matter Disease, in 2012.

‘JHB branch and Jada commemorating Rare Diseases Day, 2020’

Vanishing White Matter is a rare and degenerative brain disease that destroys myelin, the brain’s white matter.
In doing so, it permanently affects the transmission of brain signals to the rest of the body.

This disease has already robbed her of basic motor skills, the ability to walk, run and play like other children her age, eat and drink or go to the toilet unassisted.

‘Blue Bulls Captain, Burger Odendaal showing his support.’

As there is no cure or treatment for this awful illness, it has become a race against time to raise funding towards pharmaceutical companies to research and develop a cure for little Jada and so many more children like her.

‘KZN team dressed up in their jeans in support of the “Jeans for Jada” Campaign.’

Kim Lubbe- Jada’s mother says, “Only two sufferers have past the period of 5-10 years in the world. We are in desperate need to raise funds and find a curse to see our child grow up and live a life she so rightfully deserves.”

Join the movement by playing your part towards saving Jada and the lives of children that live with this awful disease.

‘CPT in support of The Jada Foundation’

To find out more or share donations, contact Kim at: Kim@totw.co.za


-by Daisy


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