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Daisy Financial Relief Offer

Up-to 12 Months Delayed Payment Plan


Anticipating the impact of COVID-19’s lockdown on South African businesses, Daisy Business Solutions has formulated a unique Business Finance Relief Plan to aid businesses in the coming weeks and months.

During this lockdown, the South African economy is expected to slow down significantly, reducing cash flow and adding financial pressure to businesses across the country.

It’s during times like these that businesses, partners and industries have to work together and get creative in finding innovative solutions in supporting each other.

Businesses cannot afford to be re-active; foresight and taking active financial decisions now can help alleviate the financial pressures all businesses can expect to endure post lockdown.

To assist clients and the business industry during this pandemic, Daisy has implemented an “Up-to-12 months” delayed payment plan for all deals across its Print, Telecoms, Security, Connectivity, Energy, Software, IT, Consumables, Gym Equipment, Wellness and Office Furniture Solutions.

Daisy, together with its in-house financial institution, AssetFin, has the ability to not only finance any solution but also adjust contracts and billing according to your business needs and requirements.

Avoid the financial pressure by signing with a company that is prepared to work with you throughout your business journey, by offering flexible in-house financing with the widest range of cutting- edge business solutions, all under one roof.

Furthermore, with an extensive sales and service footprint, over 56 branches nation-wide, we’re able to deliver the best turnaround times in the industry, no matter what the circumstances.

Alleviate financial pressure. Contact our Daisy Specialist today and ask them about the above benefits when partnering with Daisy Business Solutions, Click Here

Daisy – Business Finance Relief Plan

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