Survive Business Lockdown during COVID 19. | Daisy Business Solutions Learning to adapt to the change while finding innovative ways to keep business afloat has become a priority of all business owners and decision-makers.

Survive Business Lockdown during COVID 19.

Key Points on how to Survive the Business Lockdown  

It’s trying, uncertain times for all business owners, as South Africa experiences a National Lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to unavoidable circumstances, many businesses have been forced to close, stop productivity and reduce business operations. 

Learning to adapt to the change while finding innovative ways to keep business afloat has become a priority of all business owners and decision makers.

To assist during this time, Daisy has identified Key Points where businesses can look to reduce costs, increase cash flow, improve productivity and protect their staff, now and coming out of lockdown.

Here are some Key Points to assist you in surviving, protecting and future proofing your business from the impact of COVID-19.

Prevention is better than cure, therefore, implementing sanitation and protection protocols have become a must for all South African business, especially if they want to continue operating. Installation of smart thermal technology in the workplace not only helps identify potential threats but also provides early detection and alert warnings. This technology provides another layer of protection, so business and their staff can carry on with their work and their day. Ensure your business is protected by conducting thermal screening and implementing smart technology into your workplace to limit the spread of COVID-19. Variety of thermal tech available through Daisy.

It is important for businesses to identify and reducing non-essential and discretionary spending during this time. Redirecting finances and prioritizing business functions is crucial to ensuring the necessary cash flow to keep productivity going. Through our Daisy needs analysis process, our specialists can identify and rectify unnecessary business costs and intelligently optimise your business solutions now and going forward.

During this lockdown, the South African economy is expected to slow down significantly, reducing cash flow and adding financial pressure to businesses across the country. Taking active financial decisions now can help alleviate the financial pressures all businesses can expect to endure post lockdown. AssetFin, Daisy’s in-house financial institution, has put flexible financial options and packages together to ensure businesses can survive and cope during this time. Daisy and AssetFin are able to structure and build the best financial options for your business solutions.

New telecom and cloud base technology have provided businesses with a variety of options and features for their telecoms solution. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the benefits of switching to a fibre-optic IT/Cloud based network from traditional copper lines, have not only been highlighted but are now seen as a necessity for businesses to continue operating. Apart from the remote working, call-transfer, smart software and even video-call features the new technology provides, replacing your old telecom copper lines for IP solutions almost always ends up cheaper.

Optimising your print and re-assessing costs can help alleviate financial pressure during this pandemic. No two businesses are the same, each business has a unique set of printing requirements and prioritising these requirements is essential in building the correct print solution. There are multiple factors to consider, but through our print analysis process, businesses can optimise their fleet management and identify their ‘must-haves’ in their list of print priorities. Adjusting your print requirements now and planning for the future helps to ensure your print solutions are in line with what your business can afford and cope with.

Downtime across any solution means a decrease in business productivity resulting in more financial loss. Ensuring your solutions are operating at their full potential is imperative for business success, therefore, you need a company with a service structure to support you, your business and your solutions. With the biggest service support network in the country, Daisy Support and its fast-response teams are able to keep business running and solutions operating at their full potential. Why incur delayed downtime when you don’t have to; join a team that is prepared to support you every step of the way.

Multiple suppliers with unique payment processes, support protocols, indifferent timeframes and multiple contact points only create stress and distracts you from what’s important. Multiple is messy, so establishing one point of contact and ensuring all your solutions work hand-in-hand helps reduce downtime, improve productivity and alleviates financial pressure. It is vital to partner with a trusted solutions business that has the capacity to help reduce costs, provide quality service/ support and assist your business through this economic period.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many South Africans working remotely, it has become essential for businesses to seek innovative ways in staying connected to ensure business operations are flowing smoothly during and post this period. In order for remote working to be effective, businesses need to ensure their staff have access to the right tools and resources. From telecoms to connectivity, printers and software to furniture and security, Daisy Business Solutions has been providing businesses with the tools to ensure they can still perform during this period.

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