Flexible Connectivity and Software solutions. | Daisy Business Solutions Daisy provides a host of connectivity and software document management solutions that cater to all kinds of remote working. These solutions cater to any company that has adopted the new normal.

Flexible Connectivity and Software solutions.

Times change, and we change with them #FutureProofYourBusiness with Flexible Connectivity and Software solutions

COVID-19 has transformed our cities, our jobs, and our economy. It’s also fundamentally transforming businesses – from the ‘ordinary’ business environment to working remotely. Flexible Connectivity and Software solutions are fast becoming a top priority in this new working environment.

It has been the biggest and most successful accelerator, forcing companies to transform their businesses within weeks.

Over the past 10 years, technology and infrastructure have evolved rapidly, allowing us to do things like work from home, answer e-mails on the go, sign off on projects/documents, and have face-to-face meetings across the globe without ever leaving our houses. Even though the technology is available, South African businesses have never adopted these essentials until this lockdown.

Although businesses have become skeptical about being able to operate productively every day, while generating sales and producing undivided goods and services, all these concerns have been the difference between embracing change and making typical excuses to prevent change and to stick to what we know best.

At Daisy, we’ve embraced this new challenge wholeheartedly. When the conversations started about social distancing and self-isolation, we transitioned by becoming our own ambassadors, utilising our flexible connectivity and software solutions to ensure our staff remained safe and productive while practicing social distancing.

Adapting was nothing new to Daisy, so when the lockdown was announced, we immediately sprang into action and equipped all staff to work remotely.

Our clients needed to do the same, so we immediately dispatched our staff/resources and assisted our clients by implementing the necessary technology to ensure they were up and running. Soon collaboration, productivity and meetings were taking place again, as we implemented and integrated effective connectivity and software solutions suited to their business needs.

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As the #No1 solutions provider for many businesses in South Africa, we’ve provided both financial and business relief needed during this pandemic.  With free rental payment options (up to 12 months), along with access to the widest range of business solutions, we’ve been assisting and guiding our clients through these difficult economic time.

The remote challenges that our clients faced have been addressed with our exciting range of software and connectivity solutions that we’ve implemented. These have allowed businesses to stay in contact in real-time with voice, video and instant screen sharing, without putting a burden on their productivity and work.

Daisy provides a host of document management solutions to cater for all kinds of remote working. These solutions can cater for scanning solutions, where scanning can be done over the web, mobile scanning with your mobile phone’s camera and a mobile app to access manage and take part in digital paper based processes.

We create web forms for digital documentation submissions over the web which include Geo-locations, live database connections, check boxes, dropdown lists and much more for ease of data capture.

Searching and viewing documentation cannot be easier with the central repository where users are able to log in and get access to documentation that they require and a dynamic security setup manages who has access to documentation they require.

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The Daisy team has risen to the challenge by providing digital transforming technologies and solutions to businesses in need, enabling them to operate and continue with “business as usual”.

We’d love to hear about your business challenges, and be able to advise and assist where we can. Talk to our Specialist to find out more about our service offerings.

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