Modern telephone technology A solid communication solution is a prerequisite for a business to thrive, keep to deadlines, and exceed goals. We rely on these expertly configured solutions to support and aid the delivery of efficiency to the business. 

Modern Telephone Technology

Modern telephone technology and updating inadequate telephone systems that don’t work correctly.

Modern telephone technology and telecommunication-related pain points are not uncommon in day-to-day office environments and operations, but we have to a large degree become accustomed to taking them in our stride. That, however, does not deem their presence acceptable on any level. Communications in the workplace, where teamwork, technology, and remote work are ever-increasing, form the backbone of a business’s operations. The disruption of these operations, in turn, has a far-reaching and very negative impact on business continuity. 

“Dropped calls. Missed calls. Poor call quality. Limited call functionality. Phones ringing off the hook. Call forwarding difficulties. Full voicemail boxes. Customer complaints.”….sounds like ‘just another day at the office’.  

How can they hurt your business? 

Harmful effects are vast and can range from poor customer experience and frustrated employees to loss of turnover and clients. They constitute pressing signs that your current phone system may be unable to keep pace with your business. 

Unfortunately, the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” is commonly applied to rationale when it comes to business telephone systems. While this mindset may well work in the short term, many peripheral issues are likely to arise when something breaks. Years of industry experience have taught us that the best time to upgrade or replace your phone system is before it becomes a problem.

Modern telephone technology and telephone systems are vitally important! 

A solid communication solution is a prerequisite for a business to thrive, keep to deadlines, and exceed goals. We rely on these expertly configured solutions to support and aid the delivery of efficiency to the business. 

Along with the multitude of other advancements seen in the world of work, workplace communications, too, have evolved. They are vital to the success of every business. Internal and external communications are now the cornerstone of a productive, collaborative workforce, especially for a positive customer experience. These exchanges rely heavily on efficient, flexible business telephony systems that in turn ensure professionalism, improve organisational credibility, and eliminate threats by guaranteeing secure communications. They offer financial benefits too via cutting out unnecessary overheads in the form of phone bills and cross-border tariffs.

If your business is still using outdated phones, there are much better solutions available.

Tell-tale signs it’s time to upgrade and make changes: 

  • Costs are high. Legacy phone systems are expensive with on-site equipment, licensing, maintenance, additional phone lines, technical call-outs, and international calls. A modern upgraded system can save as much as 60% on monthly costs. 
  • Traditional hardware is out of date. Your existing system may rely on old technologies, and adapting the system to new ones will become more complex as compatibility issues continually arise. A new phone system can set the path for other internal collaboration tools in the future.
  • Your phone system can’t keep up with your business’s growth. More intelligent systems are required to support expansion to new locations and the opening of additional offices. They offer the scalability and flexibility that legacy systems can’t accommodate. Adding more phone lines and users is quick and easy to achieve.
  • Your system lacks all-important features. New cloud technology takes productivity to the next level and transforms the way your business communicates. Coming standard these days are enhanced workflows through access to the likes of call-routing, auto-attendant, recording features, conversion of voicemail to text, and many more. 
  • Your business is exposed when phones are down. Aside from those costs incurred to fix problems physically, other expenses to business also occur when phone systems are down. Sales, cash flows, and other critical functions come to a halt. In the worst cases, the long-term reputational damage can result unless proper disaster recovery capabilities are in place. More modern systems with internet protocols offer an array of contingencies for these eventualities and can be fixed and adapted remotely.  
  • Your current phone system has security vulnerabilities. Regardless of the size of your business, security is always a priority. Unlike their traditional counterparts, VoIP and cloud systems are more secure, reliable, and private.
  • Call quality and stability are becoming worse. Evolutions in the quality of voice transmission now ensure faster speeds, better clarity, and the ability to communicate via desk phones, cellular telephone apps, and various other mediums.
  • No support for remote workers. No longer limited by location, new systems easily accommodate moves between locations, seamless relocations of the same number, and thus more flexibility. They ensure the entire workforce remains connected, organised, and focused while easily housing communications in a single system.
  • Your business has no unified communications. While older phones exist independently from other systems, newer technologies integrate all channels, thus streamlining both your internal and external communications via a single software system. Placing the control back in your hands not only drives customer loyalty and retention through offering a diversity of choice across communication mediums but also translates to ultimate connectivity.
  • Your business cannot operate without phones. When the phone system you have makes or breaks your productivity, sales ability, customer loyalty, and revenue stream, it’s time to upgrade and ensure support for critical functions in every eventuality.


Modern telephone technology is a worthwhile investment.

The most remarkable thing about modern telephone technology is that it is more adaptable and feature-rich than ever before. Now, instead of endeavouring to work your business around the boundaries of an outdated system, an expert solutions provider can tailor a phone solution to fit the one-of-its-kind requirements of your business. Daisy’s Telephony Solutions accommodate all business demands. 

Start reaping the benefits and rewards of a new telephony system! Get hold of us here, and we’ll help you move into the world of modern communications. 

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