6 Tips for Keeping Your Telephone Hardware Up to Date | Daisy Business Solutions

6 Tips for Keeping Your Telephone Hardware Up to Date

6 Tips for Keeping Your Telephone Hardware Up to Date | Daisy Business Solutions


The world of business is constantly evolving. Every day, we see new technologies emerge from different sectors of other industries. Whenever we buy a piece of equipment, we find ourselves outdated by new and improved technology within the year.

These occurrences are all especially true within the world of communication technology. Communication is one of the most — if not the most crucial aspect of running a business. How well it’s done determines how successful a company becomes. One way to help ensure success is to stay current with your telephone system by regularly upgrading its hardware and software.

However, doing this without prior knowledge of “how-to” is a great way to waste company funds. Be smart with your telecommunication updates, and you’ll remain up to date with your phone system while keeping costs low. Read on to find out how to do so!


1. Free-Up Space

If there’s one thing that will help make your current telephone system feel as fast and fresh as new models, it’s freeing up some space. Creating space is especially important if your company uses either a digital telecommunication system or a more portable-based cell phone system.

Clearing a phone’s storage space creates more room in its hardware to carry out tasks more efficiently. It will run more smoothly and keep cool while extending the battery life.

It’s always a sound idea to free up space every quarter to ensure your devices and hardware continue to run optimally.


2. Store Important Files

Are you prone to keeping important virtual voicemail files stored? Perhaps your business needs to retain notes on a company cell phone? Keeping such information takes up space, slows down device performance and ultimately puts your important documents at risk of being damaged or lost.

Instead, store those critical business documents on a hard drive or back them up in the cloud to ensure you always have access to the information whenever you need it. Your phones will also run smoothly without interruptions. Many cloud-managed services specifically designed to help strengthen your business are available to help achieve efficiency in this area.


3. Upgrade Your Network Hardware

Even newer analogue phones run on a telephone network, which is more crucial for digital telephones. Since these phones usually rely on wireless networks to communicate, the hardware used to connect your calls is constantly working to produce results.

With this in mind, your hardware must stay up to date to function effectively and efficiently. Older hardware will eventually run its course, and you will need to upgrade it accordingly. Usually, one can contact the network provider, and they will supply the necessary hardware to replace older versions. If not, it’s relatively simple to procure from a third-party seller the required hardware components.

Another option is to opt for a new network provider, as long as they are willing to upgrade only network hardware and not your entire phone system. If selecting this route, find a provider that offers voice communication – PABX options to upgrade your company’s telecom needs further.


4. Replace Your Phone’s Battery

With longer meetings over the line and more company phones being used out of the office, having a solid battery is necessary. That being the case, you need to make sure that your phone’s battery is in top condition to keep from jeopardising essential calls.

Most analogue users shouldn’t need to worry about this, as these phones are connected directly to the housing unit. Furthermore, changing the battery on an in-house digital phone is usually a quick and easy task.

Cell phones are slightly more challenging to replace as their batteries these days are concealed within the device. However, many cell phone repair specialists can help to replace device batteries.


5. Add Video Communication

During the pandemic, these past few years have introduced something we did not know we needed: video communication. Once more niche in the business world (and more popular among chat groups), video calls have become a staple of digital communication and are crucial in business. They also make collaboration more accessible by enabling business partners to see visuals instead of attempting to communicate them verbally.

Adding video chat to a business cell phone is easy and achieved via an app. However, this may be more challenging on in-house telephones. You’ll need to find out if your phone is compatible to add the equipment required to engage these features. Call your phone manufacturer or a specialist to get the answer.

If your digital phone can handle a video hardware extension, upgrade to ensure that future meetings are successful.


6. Upgrade Repeaters, Hubs, and Switches

Office phones aren’t the only things accessing a company’s network. Computers, printers, and other gadgets all share the same network, so one can collaborate and work at top speeds.

Achieving these speeds is impossible without devices such as repeaters, hubs, and switches that help with information processing and connecting the network. These parts also become worn down over time from continuous use and eventually need to be replaced.

Your network will continue running at its peak, and your phone will be better for it if you add new connectors and switches as and when necessary.



Upgrade Your Communication Technology Today

Knowing how to upgrade your communication technology is half the battle won. Now that you know what it entails, you can do it at your earliest convenience. That said, finding the right parts can be a more challenging matter.

Thankfully, we have the telephone hardware products you need.

Daisy Business Solutions are experts in helping companies like yours get their hands on the business technology they need to succeed. We offer hardware components for both digital and analogue phones and ethernet connectivity and software, so your phones will always work as well as new ones.


Ready to get started? Browse through our site to see what we have to offer you, or contact us if you wish to speak to a specialist. Let’s bring your company back into the modern era!

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