Business Security Solutions: The Art of Setting up a Security System | Daisy Business Solutions

Business Security Solutions: The Art of Setting up a Security System

Setting up a Security System | Daisy Business Solutions


Crime is rife throughout South Africa, and more than 440,000 crimes occurred between October and December 2021. More than 90,000 of those crimes were property-related, including many break-ins at business premises.

These numbers clearly illustrate that we need to take business security solutions seriously. The first step toward a safe business today is understanding what solutions are available to you.

Which security tools should you buy for your business? What are the blind spots in your business? What more than setting up security cameras do you need to do?

Successfully address these questions, and you can have a safe and successful company for years to come. Here is a quick guide to help.


Identify What You Need for Business Security

You can’t have surveillance solutions if you don’t know what you need to solve. Take a look at the layout of your building and find blind spots where thieves can sneak in or steal your stock. Look at your parking lot to identify possible hiding places for thieves.

Talk to your employees about their concerns and the areas they believe to be security threats. Some people may not be afraid of burglary, but they may be fearful of assault or sexual harassment. It would help if you adopted solutions to deal with those problems in addition to break-ins.

Consult with a surveillance security company once you have identified your security problems. A company can perform an audit to establish whether there are any additional issues.

With the help of security businesses, you can develop a formal plan to outline the steps you will take to respond to threats. Once the project plan is complete, communicate with your employees and provide them with copies. They need to know how to evacuate, respond to threats, and treat injuries.


Place Security Cameras and Sensors

Security cameras are your best tools for surveillance security. They deter thieves from entering your property if you place them in locations where they are visible. They can also give you information about burglar targets and emergencies.

Aim to place at least one camera in every location where a potential threat might go. If you store electronics in a particular room, install a camera in that room. Cameras should also be present over safes and in storage areas.

A camera should be positioned near every entry point in your business, including windows and vents. You can put a camera outside or inside, as long as the footage is apparent.

However, one may not place cameras in areas where people expect privacy or conduct intimate activities. Restrooms and change rooms are off-limits, though you can put cameras in the hallways leading up to them.

If your premises has many windows, window sensors are required. These sensors will go off if a thief smashes glass or breaches the perimeter.

Additionally, a successful security feature is motion-activated alarms in alleyways and secure areas that activate when people pass in front of them. False alarms can disrupt your business and make it difficult to deter thieves, so be sure to install them properly.


Get Additional Supplies

Cameras and alarm systems are two crucial tools for business security. However, purchasing additional ones to deal with any security issues is good.

All emergency exits should have illuminated signs that are easy to see. One can operate these signs with either batteries or a power supply separate from the mains. Arrows painted on the walls or floor to direct people toward the exits greatly help in emergencies.

Besides your emergency exits, all of your doors and windows should have sturdy locks. Shatterproof windows ensure burglars cannot smash the glass to enter your business.

Audible alarms that people can hear during a fire or evacuation help those who can’t hear properly, as do flashing alarms.


Adjust Your Security Systems Over Time

Avoid setting up your business’ alarm system and then forgetting about it for an extended period. Cameras may break and therefore need replacing with newer equipment. The layout of your workspace may change, creating new blind spots or weak points that thieves can access.

Revisit your security plan every year and make changes as you see fit. One should also conduct tours through the building to look for blind spots.

Suppose an employee leaves the company; they should return keys and access cards to management. It would help if you changed your locks and security codes so they couldn’t reaccess your building.


Train Your Employees

As part of their orientation, employees should undergo training in safety and security. Educate them on what you think the main threats to your business are. Inform them of your company plan and put them in touch with the security custodians you’ve appointed.

Your business should practise mandatory fire and evacuation drills every few months. Provide a guide on conducting fire drills at work so that everybody knows what to do.

Run drills as though they are real emergencies, and do not tell your employees in advance about them. Employees who don’t act appropriately should receive additional training.


Prepare Your Business’ Security Solutions

Business security solutions are at your fingertips. Begin by considering the different risks to your business and employees. Break-ins are one common risk, but one also needs to prepare for theft and vandalism.

Security cameras and window sensors deter thieves, vandals, and disgruntled employees. Still, installing locks on your doors and illuminated signs over your emergency exits is necessary. Each employee should know how to evacuate and take care of themselves in an emergency.

Now is the time to improve your safety. Daisy Business Solutions serves businesses throughout South Africa. Contact us today.

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