Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for an Office Printer | Daisy Business Solutions

Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for an Office Printer

Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for an Office Printer | Daisy Business Solutions


Did you know that your employees’ productivity and, in turn, your organisation’s productivity can be affected by the office equipment you choose?

With many brands and models of Multifunctional Devices available to businesses today, choosing the correct ones for your office can be challenging.

The office printer you use is crucial to smooth operations, keeping running and consumable costs down, and is responsible for the quality of your printed documents. Therefore, be sure to select the correct one.

So, how do you make the best choice? Here are some factors to consider.


Print Volumes & Speed

Volume and speed are the first performance considerations one should assess. While several printers may seem to meet your printing demands, a fast print speed can produce a lower resolution image, which could be a concern if your business requires high-quality prints.

Suppose your business prints high volumes every hour or day. In that case, you need a printer that can match up to your demand and still be able to retain the document’s resolution and thus it’s quality. Depending on your work, you may be able to compromise image quality over speed and vice versa.

Printer speeds are classified according to the number of pages they print per minute (PPM). They all have differing PPM speeds for images and text. Before considering any particular printer, check how many black (mono) and how many colour pages it can produce per minute, and ascertain whether those match your requirements.


Print Quality

The image quality you require depends on your target market and the nature of your business. Multifunction printer models offer differing output image qualities, with some models designed specifically to produce high-quality colour prints. If you require this printing, selecting a suitable device and a wise cost-per-copy plan is essential from a cost and running perspective.

With so much to consider, you’d be wise to work with a professional business solutions service provider to ensure you get the printer that best suits your needs while keeping your costs to a minimum. Professionals like ours at Daisy Business Solutions will see to this and help your machines always work at optimum levels.


Printer Size

The printer size you require will depend on the functionality, volume, speed, page and image dimensions or types of documents you need to reproduce. Suppose you print large marketing documents in high-resolution colour or bound booklets. In that case, you would need a printer that can handle large prints and offer quality, functionality, and other hardware features.

Wide-format printers, for example, can handle long and heavy rolls of canvas. Generally, the size of printer you should have will depend on your customers or the nature of your business.


Wireless Connectivity Capabilities in Office Printers

Printer connectivity is increasingly essential in today’s world of work and is a massive part of how commercial offices function. Wireless makes printing faster and more accessible, and it is for this reason that most printer models on the market offer the option of wired and wireless connectivity.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity functionalities further enable these devices’ accessibility by supporting platforms such as Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. Such machines are ideal for remote working as this connectivity allows us to print documents from computers, laptops or mobile phones.


Security Features of Business Printers

Cyber-attacks and data breaches are real threats to businesses today. The answer to keeping your data safe is embedded printer features that ensure the security of company documents through innovative functionality features.

Most modern printers include security features such as the following:

– Data Encryption Kits

Newer printer models have data encryption functions and features that scramble the data sent to and stored on their hard drives, rendering the document information useless to hackers and other external threats.

Some models have data security kits with features that erase documents from scanners and printer’s hard drives immediately after printing.

– Follow-Me or Secure-Release Printing

These features increase security and reduce print waste, making printing more convenient and cost-effective by controlling printing expenses. This feature allows employees to send print jobs to a shared queue rather than to a single machine in an office operating multiple printers in different locations.

For example, once a document has been sent for printing, it will only release from the queue and print when a user manually releases it from one of the devices. The feature also saves documents from being exposed in the printer before an employee is ready to collect them.


Consider These Factors When Choosing the Correct Office Printer

Office printers come in varying brands and models and at different costs. You may select an option according to your budget, either a new or a second-hand refurbished printer and neither will compromise on the quality your business requires.

Business office solutions providers like ourselves work with companies to tailor print solutions to meet individual needs, suit personal budgets, and ensure the maintenance and servicing over time are included.

We have been in the industry for over 50 years and have the solution you need. Contact us today for the best business solutions.

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