Leasing vs Buying a Printer: Which Option Is Right for Your Business? | Daisy Business Solutions

Leasing vs Buying a Printer: Which Option Is Right for Your Business?

Leasing vs Buying a Printer: Which Option Is Right for Your Business? | Daisy Business Solutions

Given that, on average, an employee can print up to 10 000 sheets of paper annually, ensuring you have a tailored document management solution and the best-suited devices is crucial.

So, let’s discuss this further and learn more about the benefits of leasing a printer.


What Does Leasing an Office Printer Entail?

A service provider like Daisy Business Solutions specialises in tailoring document and print management solutions and leasing quality multi-functional printers to all industries in the business sector. The most significant advantage of leasing from a service provider such as ourselves is that we offer quality printing solutions guaranteed to fulfil the unique needs of every business. Furthermore, these managed print services provide holistic printing solutions, including repairs, maintenance and upgrades.


The Benefits of Renting a Printer

There are several sound reasons why leasing instead of buying a printer is the better choice.

1. Low Upfront Costs & Tax Efficiency

Leasing printers allows businesses to have access to high-quality printers for less. Leasing requires no sizeable down payment or other up-front costs, which is particularly beneficial for start-ups or companies unsure about their long-term printing and copying requirements.

Furthermore, rental amounts are fully tax-deductible. Instead of capitalising VAT for enormous upfront costs, it’s payable in more manageable monthly instalments, thus allowing for a better arrangement of a business’s financial resources.

2. Hassle-Free Maintenance

Leasing contracts are all-inclusive, which is advantageous because it takes away from you the worries of repairs and maintenance and places these jobs in the capable care of your service provider. Technical support and training are also part of service contracts, thus, assuring you of assistance at all times.

3. Have The Competitive Edge Over Competition

Leasing gives businesses a competitive advantage by enabling them to have the latest high-tech printers they may not have been able to afford.

Rental agreements can also accommodate early upgrades, which are beneficial to comfortable budgeting and the ability to keep adding new technology as it develops. Leasing also allows you to quickly and easily scale your fleet in line with the growth of your business, thus ensuring you stay ahead of competitors.

4. Avoid Obsolescence and Have Up-to-Date Printers

Obsolescence is a primary concern for several companies, and leasing a printer is a good way of avoiding it. As technology advances and time passes, office printers become obsolete. Leasing contracts relieve you of the financial burden of dealing with outdated printers and having to replace them. Your agreement ensures you will get a newer, faster, and more advanced printer at a more affordable rate.

5. Flexible Contracts

Contracts are flexible and accommodate your business’s changing needs as it grows. Suppose you need a different printer to adapt to the changes in your business before your agreement expires; we can accommodate and supply the correct solutions and hardware.


One-Stop Business Printer Solutions

Suppose you’re looking for the best-customised leasing options for your office’s printing function, Daisy Business Solutions will supply them.

Unlike other solutions businesses, we own our entire supply chain and can thus create financing contracts that suit your individual needs. As a result, you benefit from the latest printing technologies through a personalised solution for your business.

In addition, our one-stop solutions are a fraction of the cost, and we take care of everything from maintenance to software updates and sourcing. So, contact us today to arrange a free evaluation.

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