5 Reasons After-Sales Service Is Important For Your Print Fleet | Daisy Business Solutions

5 Reasons After-Sales Service Is Important For Your Print Fleet

5 Reasons After-Sales Service Is Important For Your Print Fleet | Daisy Business Solutions

In the modern business world, few tools are as ubiquitous as the printer. Nowadays, demand in South Africa for quality printing tools is increasing yearly. In line with the times and needs, even the refurbished printer market along our shores is booming.

As printers advance, the importance of good after-sales service increases. These essential services provide advantages and conveniences for businesses and take ownership of managing maintenance needs.


What Is After-Sales Service for Multi-Functional Printers?

After-sales services exist in contrast to merely acquiring a product and having to install, learn and maintain it yourself. Instead, they offer various types of assistance to customers for months and even years beyond the point of purchase.

So what are after-sales services, their most significant advantages, and how can they benefit your business? 


1. Specialised Delivery of Business Printers

One of the most common after-sales services is delivery to the end-point address. This is critical because printers are valuable, bulky, heavy items made up of delicate components that are easily damaged if not handled correctly. Professional delivery guarantees special treatment that ensures they are moved skillfully by trained people with experience in moving such items. It is convenient for clients and safer for hardware devices when qualified personnel deliver. 


2. Installation 

Once a printer is delivered, and correctly placed, specialised technicians must complete the process with installation and setup. 

Unfortunately, printer instruction manuals are extraordinarily dense and challenging to understand, so a professional provider like ourselves will install and set them up for you.

This end-to-end service ensures you will shortly have a printer exactly where you want it, ready for use.


3. Warranty Benefit for Businesses

Printers often represent a significant investment of business resources, and, unfortunately, as with any other mechanical devices or machines, sometimes they break down at inconvenient times. When this happens, business operations are interrupted, and there may be a need to repair or replace them. Service contracts provide warranties and a commitment to rectify these faults as part of their after-sales service.

A warranty provides the benefit of ensuring you have a properly functioning printer again as soon as possible. 

It is impossible to overestimate to what extent productivity is negatively affected due to losing access to a resource as vital as a multifunctional printer. Therefore, the faster you can get your printer up and running again, the quicker you can return to efficient business operations. In many cases, the cost of operating a business without a printer vastly exceeds the cost of simply paying for one.


4. Modern Business Printers Often Require Special Training

As technology advances, printers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and expanding their feature offering. A side-effect of this rapid development is that it can become more challenging to learn how to use them. Even after your printer is delivered and set up exactly where you want it, your employees might experience a fair amount of difficulty adapting to the new device and its features. 

Fortunately, after-sales services such as ours include training. Once the setup is complete, a qualified technician commences the training program and explains how to use the printer and its advanced features to get the most out of its value-adds.


5. Customer Support for Your Print Fleet

Even with the best training, questions about properly using the printer may eventually arise. At that point, instead of pulling out the instruction manual and laboriously figuring out how to answer their questions, you can enjoy customer support as part of our after-sales service. 


The Importance of Prioritising After-Sales Service 

We hope that learning about how after-sales service benefits your printer fleet has been helpful. While many businesses underestimate the long-term cost of maintaining their fleet, acquisition and maintenance can be simple to manage with excellent after-sales service.

To get better service for your printer fleet, get in touch with us anytime!

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