The Benefits Of Opting For A Refurbished Printer | Daisy Business Solutions

The Benefits Of Opting For A Refurbished Printer

The Benefits Of Opting For A Refurbished Printer | Daisy Business Solutions


Around the world, the market for printers is worth more than $42 billion every year! That number indicates how much the modern business world relies on printers.

Many savvy business leaders are interested in refurbished printers, while at the same time, they are concerned about quality issues. But are these concerns justified?

Read on to learn more about the most important things to understand regarding refurbished printers and what they could do for your business!


What Is a Refurbished Printer?

Everyone knows how mechanical devices tend to age and degrade over time. Printers are no exception. After working for some time, they are usually closer to breaking down. 

However, with the proper care, a printer can be restored to its original state, ready to provide quality performance for many more years. Successful restoration is the goal for refurbished printers. Older printers are sent to factories where they receive careful attention and repairs from experts to return them to their prime functioning state again.

In many cases, these experts may replace essential parts of the printer that are no longer in perfect condition. After the refurbishing process, printers undergo rigorous testing to ensure they perform flawlessly.

Choosing a reputable company with extensive experience, like Daisy Business Solutions, ensures you receive an excellent refurbished printer.


Benefits of using refurbished printers in your business:


1. Refurbished Printers Work The Same as New Ones But Cost Less

The most apparent advantage of refurbished printers is that they cost less money than new devices. Refurbished printer providers must pay for the cost of new parts to ensure that a device does not break down and runs a good lifespan. They also have to pay for the skilled labour that restores these printers and tests them rigorously for perfect performance.

However, even after these costs, starting with an older printer and refurbishing it to like-new is much more affordable than building a new printer from scratch. Lower production costs mean lower costs for the consumer and a guarantee of the same high performance!


2. Refurbished Printers Can Be a Great Choice for New Businesses

One of the great things about refurbished printers is how accessible they are for new businesses. Because start-up companies are often quick to evolve and change direction, they need the flexibility to adapt to changes while keeping their costs to a minimum.

In those circumstances, buying brand-new equipment does not always make sense as you may not know exactly how long you will need it.

In addition, new businesses often require less performance from printers and other devices because they manage smaller volumes of work. Although this does not apply to every new company, refurbished printers are an excellent choice for many starting companies and large organisations with more significant needs.


3. Refurbished Printers Can Provide the Same Performance and Value as Brand New Printers

As long as the manufacturer is skilled and reputable, the printers they refurbish will perform just as well as new ones. Many people don’t understand how this can be possible when some parts, if not replaced, will continue to function as well as the newly replaced parts.

However, printers do not break down randomly; some parts work much harder than others, suffering more wear-and-tear. Those particular parts are thus far more likely to break down than others. Some features and hardware hardly ever break down and are proven to have long lifespans.

A quality refurbishing process strips a machine down to its components to ensure that every printer’s most sensitive or degraded parts receive replacements with brand new ones. This ensures that these devices last just as long as a brand-new printer.


4. Only experts handle refurbished printers

Refurbishers know everything there is to know about the printers that they recreate from scratch. 

A trusted refurbishing company successfully and consistently turns out brilliant refurbs that function efficiently and effectively for long periods. 

Always work with a reputable refurbished printer provider like Daisy Business Solutions. We have stood the test of time. With nearly 30 years of refurbing industry experience, we understand, trust and guarantee the refurbishers we work with and the printers we supply. 


5. All Refurbished Printers Come With After-Sales Service Plan and are Fully Exchangeable 

As with the supply of brand-new devices, every refurb comes with a service plan that provides installation, training, replacement of parts, care and maintenance, and the ability to swap a machine for a replacement if needed. 


Understand the Benefits of Refurbished Printers

We hope learning about the benefits of using a refurbished printer has been helpful for you. Many savvy business leaders are always searching for ways to cut unnecessary costs. A refurbished printer will be the right choice for your business if you take the correct approach!

To learn more about refurbished printers or to speak with experts about what they might be able to do for you, get in touch with one of our professionals at any time!

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