What Are IT Managed Services, And Why Do Businesses Need Them? | Daisy Business Solutions

What Are IT Managed Services, And Why Do Businesses Need Them?

What Are IT Managed Services, And Why Do Businesses Need Them? | Daisy Business Solutions


IT managed services only rose to the fore a few years ago. However, they have since exploded in popularity. These days, the market for managed services around the planet is worth more than $160 billion each year!

On top of that, this particular industry grows at approximately 12% per year. At this rate, it will be almost double its current size between 2021 and 2027. 

So what exactly are IT-managed services, and why are this vast number of businesses so interested in what they can provide?

Managed IT services provide a long list of benefits to companies that utilise them. Read on to learn about the most important things to understand about IT-managed services and what they might be able to do for your company!


What Are IT-Managed Services?

Managed IT services exist in contrast to in-house technical support teams. Instead of having technology experts within your business to assist with its technical needs, you can outsource those to the best-managed services the industry offers.


Business IT Services Help You Focus On Other Things

One of the great things about managed IT services is that the technical teams come standard with a management function. Not having to participate in the management function means you will enjoy the same or better technical support while eliminating the need to micromanage.

Freeing your attention in this way allows for more involvement in more pertinent business areas. Many business leaders wish for more time to focus on growing their company and breaking into new markets.

Outsourcing your technical needs to an excellently managed IT services provider can mean removing much work from your schedule and allow you to devote that free time to business problems that require your expertise.


Company IT Services Can Help You Solve Your Technical Problems

Of course, managed IT services don’t save only on management overheads, but they also see to your technical needs. And in many cases, they control your technical problems better than an in-house team would.

For one thing, managed IT services teams work with a vast array of clients across multiple industries many clients and thus have acquired a comprehensive range of experience and expertise. Whatever your technical problems, they likely have already solved them many times for other companies, thereby refining their solutions over time. The benefit to you means that they are less likely to provide you with temporary solutions requiring recurring fixes and will add long-term value. Managed IT services teams know how to solve problems to ensure they do not recur permanently later.


Enjoy Lower Costs With an IT-Managed Company

Many business executives choose managed IT companies based on cost savings. The logic is that instead of paying the salary of one or more technical employees, they can buy only as much technical support as they need. In most cases, that means receiving the same or better technical support while paying less.

An additional cost advantage is that managed IT company costs are highly predictable. You will generally pay the same amount each month, knowing that cost will cover whatever technical support needs come up. 


The Best IT Managed Services Enable Your Business to Scale Flexibly

Scaling up an in-house technical support team can be extremely difficult. Suppose that a small company only needs the support of one full-time technical support employee. But what happens when that company grows by 50%?

At this point, the company might have roughly 50% more technical support needs, which is too much for one employee to manage. Similarly, if you hire a second employee full-time, you double your salary costs even though you only need only 50% more help.

Managed IT services allow you to buy only as much technical support as you need. However much your company grows, you can purchase only as much technical support as you require.

This option is even more beneficial if you need to scale down your company. Instead of having to fire a long-standing employee, you can simply choose to purchase less access to technical support. 


Available 24/7: Managed Information Technology Services

Managed information technology services provide better service in countless ways, but this way is particularly unique. No matter how expert an in-house team is, it cannot offer support 24 hours a day because employees are available for only a limited number of hours weekly.

In contrast, managed information technology support teams can be available around the clock. This extended availability helps business leaders access essential data and technical tools at crucial moments. It also means that your customers can access your website and other critical tools when problems arise.


Avoid Losing Valuable Business Time

It is impossible to overestimate the cost of interrupted business operations due to technical reasons. A well-managed IT support team will prevent interrupted operations altogether. And if it ever happens, they are qualified and experienced in resolving it quickly and efficiently.


Enjoy Better Security and Compliance

In addition to the full-house of functions they provide, Managed IT services teams are experts in security and compliance. With the prevalence of cybercrime steadily increasing, this is especially attractive to many businesses. Increased compliance can also help you avoid being blindsided by potential legal concerns.


Understand the Benefits of IT Managed Services

Businesses are constantly searching for economical ways to care for their technical needs. In many cases, they do not realise that managed IT services could well provide the answer to fulfilling their every need.

We hope learning more about the benefits of IT-managed services has been helpful. To discover what IT-managed services can do for your business, speak with our experts who will help you understand how you can benefit.

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