Why A Generator In South Africa Is A Great Investment | Daisy Business Solutions

Why A Generator In South Africa Is A Great Investment

Why A Generator In South Africa Is A Great Investment | Daisy Business Solutions


An all-too-familiar scenario in South Africa these days: You’ve had to hang the “We’re Closed” sign on your door for the third time this week. The result: You’re turning customers away and negatively affecting your reliability as a business. And most importantly, you’re also burning cash.

Why? Because load-shedding.

For many South African businesses, load-shedding has become a heavy expense affecting daily operations and is especially true for those without alternative power sources like generators. BusinessTech announced that in 2019 alone, small companies lost over 20% of their revenue due to the constant power cuts.

With this in mind, Daisy Energy has developed solutions to assist local industry in alleviating this ongoing problem. Read on to find out how your business can survive the next round of load-shedding.


Load-shedding in South Africa

It looks as if South Africa is in for a dark winter as Eskom announced another rollout of future blackouts earlier last month. The power utility attributed this to shortages of generation capacity in evening peaks, failure to come back online, or some that had to shut down for repairs.

Whichever way, the executive of the generation having quit coupled with severe budget constraints, the future of power in SA is starting to look bleak at best.

So, what does this all mean for your business?

It means you need to secure a more reliable way to service your clients and keep your doors open, even in the dark. And making a generator investment may be the way.


What Are Generators and Why Do You Need One?

A generator is any machine/device that turns mechanical energy into electrical energy. Here are reasons why you should consider investing in one:

  1. Production: You don’t need to be a manufacturer to feel the pinch of power cuts in your ledger. From large industrial manufacturers to small bakeries, having a generator on standby will ensure your production continues quickly.
  2. Profit: When power is out, business halts, and profits diminish. Employees cannot work if their systems are constantly offline, meaning businesses lose money.
  3. Security: During power cuts, security systems can also go offline, leaving your business vulnerable to theft and burglary.
  4. Customers: Brand reliability is one of the most critical aspects of customer satisfaction, and it depends entirely on a business’s ability to deliver. However, with the constant threat of load-shedding, they face the challenge of meeting delivery promises on time.


Daisy Energy Generators

There are numerous brands of generators that South African business owners can choose from to safeguard their businesses against the raging power cuts. Daisy Energy is partnered with the leading manufacturers of the highest quality generators, ensuring every client receives the generator that fits their needs.

Below are some of the quality generators, with perfect specifications for your business needs, that Daisy Energy trusts:

Volvo Penta generators

Though your mind went to the brand-new sedan in your parking lot, the Volvo Penta is not so much an engine as a machine. It is one of the world’s leading generators with an output supply of 413 kVA. With in-built anti-damage technology, this engine is best for industrial use. 

Lovol generators

These European generators, much like the Perkins engine, also carry anti-damage protection. Lovol has an estimated maximum output of 150 kVA. It is perfect as an alternative power supply for your business. 

The Scania Generator

If you are looking for a diesel generator, then Scania is the one for you. This Swedish-produced generator has an energy output ranging from 200 to 500 kVA, and the sets can also operate on biodiesel as a greener alternative. 

The Scania generator is a perfect alternative power backup for remote sites and smaller businesses.

FAW Generator

FAW diesel generators have different output ranges from 13 kVA to 150 kVA. This Chinese brand is well known in South Africa and produces reliable generators guaranteed to hold down the fort during hours of load-shedding.


What to Consider When Planning for a Generator

You probably think one merely needs to Google “generators near me”, right? But there is so much more that goes into selecting a generator for your business.

  1. Output: Though very obvious, it is still an essential factor to consider. Knowing which generator is correct for your business depends mainly on your power needs and ensuring you calculate them correctly. 

For example, the industrial and construction industries should consider the three-phase generators due to their output ability.

  1. Fuel: In planning for your generator, keep in mind the fuel it will use. Does it use diesel, petrol, or natural gas? And will you have sufficient supply for your device? 
  2. Installation and maintenance: As with all machinery, when sourcing a generator, it is vital to work with a reputable and trustworthy supply and installation provider.

Once up and running, your backup device will require a service and maintenance plan to prolong its lifespan and ensure it keeps you going well into the future. Daisy Energy will take care of this for you.

  1. Budget: One of the most daunting considerations is budgeting for these costly yet necessary investments. Do all these factors fit into your ledger? Have you made provision for the upfront costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs? How much fuel will your generators need? What will that cost total?


Acquiring a Generator

Some analysts believe the situation in our country will change, but none of them has forecasted it for any time soon. 

We have reached that point where installing a generator is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity, especially for businesses intending to survive in the current economy.

Daisy Energy has been an innovative alternative power provider since 2011, tailoring solutions for businesses and supplying the leading generators to our industries. 

Submit your contact information and receive a callback for a consultation on solutions best suited for your business. 

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