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Cloud Managed Services – Everything You Need to Know (CAF and WAF)

Businesses looking for innovative cloud-managed services may be confused by all the different terminologies used. Understandable when technology changes so quickly. Despite this, it is pertinent that companies respond accordingly. In particular, protecting your business against cybercrime, data mining, and other malicious attempts to hack your systems should be front of mind. With the cost […]

6 Reasons to Outsource Your Business Firewall Management

  59% of respondents surveyed on the World Economic Forum Global Cybersecurity Outlook for 2022 reported that responding to a cybersecurity incident would be challenging for them. The reasoning behind this high percentage? The lack of cybersecurity skills within their team. Worsening this situation further is that the world’s continuous technological advances while being the […]

IT Managed Backup; Incorporating the Principals of RPO and RTO

  Is your data securely backed up? Does your business have a disaster recovery plan, or does it need one?  Intending to ensure you never lose any data, we are here to help ensure you have the most up-to-date managed backup plan and the technology to guarantee its success. People often assume that a disaster […]

5 Things To Know About IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  Living through a pandemic has shown us many things, one being the importance of remaining prepared for anything. When countless businesses had to close their doors in 2020, many were ill-prepared to handle such a disaster when it struck. However, had solid disaster recovery plans been in place, companies may have avoided much of […]

What Are IT Managed Services, And Why Do Businesses Need Them?

  IT managed services only rose to the fore a few years ago. However, they have since exploded in popularity. These days, the market for managed services around the planet is worth more than $160 billion each year! On top of that, this particular industry grows at approximately 12% per year. At this rate, it […]

What is the Difference Between Robotic Process Automation and AI?

  The world of digital automation is growing faster and bigger than ever, with around 44.2% of internet users regularly interacting with some form of voice assistant. With this field multiplying, knowing the inside details about the process is vital.  Understanding the differences between robotic process automation and artificial intelligence is a detail everybody should […]

Why A Generator In South Africa Is A Great Investment

  An all-too-familiar scenario in South Africa these days: You’ve had to hang the “We’re Closed” sign on your door for the third time this week. The result: You’re turning customers away and negatively affecting your reliability as a business. And most importantly, you’re also burning cash. Why? Because load-shedding. For many South African businesses, […]

Why Energy-Efficient Lighting Is Vital and How It Saves You Money

  Did you know your company could be overspending on its energy bill? Running a business is expensive, and companies must consider the many hidden costs. While there are numerous ways your business can save money, one of the easiest is the type of lighting it uses. By using energy-efficient lighting, one can cut down […]

The Benefits Of Opting For A Refurbished Printer

  Around the world, the market for printers is worth more than $42 billion every year! That number indicates how much the modern business world relies on printers. Many savvy business leaders are interested in refurbished printers, while at the same time, they are concerned about quality issues. But are these concerns justified? Read on […]

5 Reasons After-Sales Service Is Important For Your Print Fleet

In the modern business world, few tools are as ubiquitous as the printer. Nowadays, demand in South Africa for quality printing tools is increasing yearly. In line with the times and needs, even the refurbished printer market along our shores is booming. As printers advance, the importance of good after-sales service increases. These essential services […]

MFP Innovations: Making Office Life Easier And More Efficient

Did you know that small businesses employ nearly 4 million in South Africa? If you’re a small, micro or medium business owner, you’re probably constantly searching for ways to improve your productivity while hiring even more employees. Some of the best ways to do so are also the simplest. For example, did you know you […]

Leasing vs Buying a Printer: Which Option Is Right for Your Business?

Given that, on average, an employee can print up to 10 000 sheets of paper annually, ensuring you have a tailored document management solution and the best-suited devices is crucial. So, let’s discuss this further and learn more about the benefits of leasing a printer.   What Does Leasing an Office Printer Entail? A service […]

Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for an Office Printer

  Did you know that your employees’ productivity and, in turn, your organisation’s productivity can be affected by the office equipment you choose? With many brands and models of Multifunctional Devices available to businesses today, choosing the correct ones for your office can be challenging. The office printer you use is crucial to smooth operations, […]

Top Considerations When Upgrading Your Business Phone System

  We cannot emphasise the importance of a reliable business telephone system enough. 60% of companies admit that business phone systems and live agents are their most urgent investment priorities. A business phone system can be as simple as a single line with a phone on the desk or as complex as a multi-line private […]

6 Tips for Keeping Your Telephone Hardware Up to Date

  The world of business is constantly evolving. Every day, we see new technologies emerge from different sectors of other industries. Whenever we buy a piece of equipment, we find ourselves outdated by new and improved technology within the year. These occurrences are all especially true within the world of communication technology. Communication is one […]

What Uncapped Data Can Do for Your Business

  Approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created across the planet every day. A quintillion is over two times as much as a billion, a number so large that the human brain can’t fathom it properly. In a world where data is becoming increasingly important, businesses need to be able to access as much […]

What to consider when installing a Solar System for your manufacturing plant

  Manufacturers are typically the largest consumer of electricity. The average annual electricity consumption for a manufacturing plant is about 95.1 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per square foot in the US. The high electricity consumption is due to production equipment, temperature control, and lighting. In the current climate and with the existing power tariffs as high as […]

Business Security Solutions: The Art of Setting up a Security System

  Crime is rife throughout South Africa, and more than 440,000 crimes occurred between October and December 2021. More than 90,000 of those crimes were property-related, including many break-ins at business premises. These numbers clearly illustrate that we need to take business security solutions seriously. The first step toward a safe business today is understanding […]

How Working Environments Have Changed: The Impacts of COVID & More

  By June 2021, around 50% of South Africa’s workforce had transitioned to remote work. Although this transition has been underway for some time, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated it due to its impact on working environments. The result is an enormous change in the way we conduct our work. This article examines some of the […]

How Can Upgrading Your Working Environment Reduce The Digital Divide?

  Did you know that a global poll found that as of 2021, 35.9 per cent of respondents experienced high levels of automation in the field of security services and incident processing? A further 48.7 per cent observed medium automation. These stats show us that security is a significant priority for businesses of all sizes […]

The Basics of Understanding Printer Fleet Management

  Sometimes, the simplest inventions can revolutionise an industry or even the world. Although printers may not seem like a huge deal, they have massively increased the productivity and efficiency of businesses of every kind. South Africa has more than 1500 printing companies employing over 50,000 people! Of course, the size of this market suggests […]

What Is the Role of ICT in Higher Education Institutions?

  Information and communication technologies are quickly taking over the world. Roughly 60% of the entire global GDP will be digitised by 2022. One of the areas in which ICT is making a massive impact is the education sector. In particular, higher education institutions are accelerating their adoption of ICT. That’s due to the proven […]

Printing Solutions for the Modern Working Environment

  Even in this digital age, there’s still a place for paper-based printing. To illustrate this via an example, the average 1,500-bed hospital still prints over 8 million pages per month. It’s easy to see why this is the case, as paper-based printing has many benefits. It helps create secure business files, distributes information to […]

Why You Should Install Automatic Number Plate Recognition Security

  What are automatic number plate recognition systems? These security solutions, also known as ANPR, are used by law enforcement agencies, toll collectors, and more to aid with, amongst many others, stolen vehicle detection, ticketless parking, and smart billing.  They offer many benefits to business owners who use ANPR security solutions on their properties.  To […]

How Your Business Can Benefit from Time and Attendance Systems

  Is your business’s employee timekeeping system efficient? Are you still using manual time cards?   IBM’s recent market research reported that 80 percent of South African companies plan to install automated systems in 2022. It found that as businesses applied AI to predict IT issues better, an area called AIOps emerged. Predictions are that […]

Security Solutions: How Modern Security Systems Can Assist Retailers

  Theft does not always happen in the form of a holdup at gunpoint, as we see in the movies. In reality, it’s something much more subtle than that; it can be an opportunist taking advantage of staff shortages, human error, or organised crime targeting vulnerable and unprepared businesses.  So, how do you keep yourself, […]

Why Perimeter Security Is the First Line of Defence

  Between October 2020 and October 2021, the number of property-related crimes in South Africa dropped by 7.7%. This drop has been partly due to local businesses’ increased implementation of advanced security systems. Suppose you’ve not yet done the same but need to upgrade the perimeter security of your business. In that case, there are […]

Why You Need To Invest in Business Security Systems

  A business is far more than merely your source of income, and your hard-earned cash results from years of dreams and plans. Thus, protecting something as important as your livelihood is only natural, especially when crime runs amok. Keep your business safe from burglary, fires, and theft with business security. Give yourself the ability […]

Why a Business Security System Is More Cost-Effective in the Long Run

  For years, South Africa has seen crime rates consistently increase, with one of the most common crimes being theft.  Thefts don’t only affect individual residents and families but also impact heavily on businesses and organisations. This threat is one of many reasons why business security is so critical.  Business security solutions play a crucial […]

What Is VoIP? The Complete Guide to Voice over IP Calling

  If you could improve your company’s phone system’s cost, quality, and efficiency with VoIP, would you? VoIP (voice over IP) is a digital phone technology that enables you to make and receive calls over the internet using fiber optic internet service. VoIP routes all calls through your broadband connection, making it possible to use […]

How Can the SD-WAN Cloud Empower Digital Transformation? A Closer Look

  Around 84% of South African organisations have recognised that they need to improve their IT infrastructure. Digital transformation is a complicated subject, but understanding it will help your business succeed in the future. Organisations must transform to keep pace with the world digitally, and SD-WAN can help. Read on for more about SD-WAN and […]

How to Gear Your Multinational Business with the Correct Connectivity

  Internet connectivity that is reliable and efficient is critical in the modern world. Thus, the government plans to bring a minimum speed of 10Mbps to at least 80% of South Africans. How is your business connectivity? Is your network infrastructure supporting your needs? Is it helping you to grow or holding you back? If your business […]

How to Determine the Business Internet Speeds You Need

  The market size for Internet Service Providers in America was over $133 billion in 2022. These ISP companies provide web access to both businesses and customers. They may also offer domain registration, web hosting, and much more. Right now, the internet is an essential part of businesses. They may use it to reach their customers or […]

Voice Communication And The Power Of Modern PABX Systems

  Nothing is worse than struggling to hear incoming calls. As a business, clear communication with employees and clients is vital. For this reason, it’s essential to know the advantages and advanced features of a modern PABX system. These modern business telecoms communication systems will allow you to take the next step toward having state-of-the-art business […]

What Are Unified Communications And How Do They Benefit Business?

Global Market Analysis report that Unified Communications (UC) will be worth $167.1 billion by 2025. As businesses seek new ways to operate more efficiently and grow, they must consider improving their communications. Providing the right communication technology and tools for employees is critical to the growth of a business. Thus the need for it. Below […]

5 Powerful Benefits of Analytics And Report Automation for Businesses

  With the world of business becoming more competitive by the day, companies must stay ahead of the curve and make good use of all the tools at their disposal. Two essential tools for modern businesses are data analytics and report automation. Not sure exactly why they’re important or what they have to offer? This […]

A Guide To Understanding Information And Communication Technology

  In 2021 global statistics placed Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Top 10 of the largest industries in the world. With a market size in the trillions, still, many don’t fully understand what ICT is.  If you’re one of those people, fear not. This quick guide will walk you through what you need […]

Office Automation Tools That Will Make A Difference To Any Office

  The field of automation is growing to surpass $355 billion by 2028. Using automated tools saves time and money, helps with data storage, and allows you to implement effective office workflows.  Using the latest and hottest tools will result in remarkable results.  Here’s what you should know about automation tools that can help both […]

Ensure You Have The Best Business Connectivity With Daisy

  South Africa’s internet speeds have doubled in just the last few years, and they seem on track to become even faster still. With all this extra speed, business connectivity is more important than ever.  But what type of small business internet should you focus on to help improve your connectivity? Read on for your […]

The Power Of Workflow Software And Workflow Automation

  One of the top challenges facing small businesses is fatigue: the hours and the stress expended in the name of performance wear down even the best business owners and their employees.  But what if you could get more work done, with less effort, and in less time? Enter: Business Process Management (BPM). BPM uses […]

Your Guide To Document Management And Automation

  If your business keeps paper files in a filing cabinet, you need to pause and read this article. Gone are the days when office spaces remained cluttered with paper documents. Nowadays, we have automated document management. This software safely stores and manages files quickly and efficiently. And, you can use document imaging to convert […]

Physical Access Control Is Important When Automating Your Office

  Increasingly more businesses are looking to automate their buildings to pace with the digital world. This automation conserves a notable amount of energy and offers many conveniences for workers. Automation services often link office functions to mobile devices. This way, one can control them at any time of day! However, automation can also bring […]

Understanding the Importance of Data Storage

  Did you know that in 2020, the world’s total data created grew up to 59 million zettabytes? Imagine how much that is if one zettabyte is equal to a billion terabytes. In the age of digital information, businesses use data storage solutions to thrive. It lessens website traffic, ensuring both employees and customers experience […]

Understanding the World of Office Automation

  Office Automation (OA) is a general term that refers to the various computer systems and software used to produce, store, alter and communicate office information. Office automation enables these processes to occur digitally and without human intervention. The typewriter, copier, and fax machine mechanised formerly manual activities and can be considered the beginnings of office automation. […]

Printing Solutions

Outdated Printing Solutions. Are you wasting time waiting on office machines? Is there often a queue at the printer while co-workers wait their turn for an agonisingly slow machine to print their documents? Is the spend on service and repair costs too high? Does your machine often cause incompatibility hold-ups with other devices in the […]


PROCESS and WORKFLOW management MAKES PERFECT. While organisations generally see the value of workflow and process management, they too often feature further down the priority list than more immediate and pressing business operations. Commonly this occurs if they believe they’re operating well enough without clearly defined workflows and processes. However, redundancy in business processes and workflows results in […]

Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security for business  Enterprise Security has always been a top priority for most businesses. Thanks to the global pandemic and the resultant worldwide shift toward remote and hybrid working environments, data breaches globally are on the rise. The impact of these is predicted to affect companies for years to come. As cybercriminals become more […]

Alternative Energy Solutions

Alternative Energy Solutions are a must-have in this day and age for any companies that are tired of having their production and operational processes interrupted. On your marks: get SET…Get OFF-GRID! We’ve been told repeatedly by our engineers who work on them that green solutions for businesses are not a trendy luxury anymore; they’re a […]

National Schools Program

Our National Schools Program specialises in integrating and developing technology and its benefits in our schools. Every school we partner with aims to achieve compliance through streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that support and promote their growth seamlessly and successfully into the future. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change […]

Commercial Security. Prevention is better than cure.

Our Motto for Commercial Security?… “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” We are prompted to address the ever-so-important and surprisingly broad topic of Commercial Security only when we have fallen victim to breaches or theft. Even then, ‘business security has us envisioning intricate technology theft and cybercrimes, and, while they do indeed constitute significant security contraventions, […]

Strategic IT solutions

Strategic IT solutions Matter So Much More Than You Think!  Strategic IT solutions are crucial to the growth and performance optimisation of a business. Contrary to historical belief, the IT infrastructure of today extends far beyond the tangible aspects of hardware, servers, storage, power, support, and maintenance, and into the realm of assessing how effective […]

Modern Telephone Technology

Modern telephone technology and updating inadequate telephone systems that don’t work correctly. Modern telephone technology and telecommunication-related pain points are not uncommon in day-to-day office environments and operations, but we have to a large degree become accustomed to taking them in our stride. That, however, does not deem their presence acceptable on any level. Communications […]

Eliminate the struggle of Business Connectivity

“A well-connected business is a recipe for success.”    Eliminate the daily struggle of Business Connectivity. When the office WiFi or fibre connection stops working, software systems go down, and communication tools cease to function. And then, after waiting days for problem resolution, it collapses all over again. Sound familiar? What does business connectivity mean […]

Finding solutions to your Business Pain Points!

Managing Pain Points In The Workplace Dealing with business pain points is commonplace in most modern work environments. All thanks to several contributing factors, each playing their own part.  New, growing and, established businesses alike all depend upon technological advancements to improve their customers’ and employees’ experiences. All with the aim of driving overall business […]

PMR Diamond Arrow awards for Daisy EC and Daisy Limpopo.

Our Daisy Business Solution branches in the EC and Limpopo have both taken 1st place in the annual PMR.africa awards for their respective regions. These two branches were named as companies that have done the most in their locations over the past 12 months. Both branches have been adamant to stimulate economic growth and business […]

Flexible Connectivity and Software solutions.

Times change, and we change with them #FutureProofYourBusiness with Flexible Connectivity and Software solutions COVID-19 has transformed our cities, our jobs, and our economy. It’s also fundamentally transforming businesses – from the ‘ordinary’ business environment to working remotely. Flexible Connectivity and Software solutions are fast becoming a top priority in this new working environment. It has been the […]

Survive Business Lockdown during COVID 19.

Key Points on how to Survive the Business Lockdown   It’s trying, uncertain times for all business owners, as South Africa experiences a National Lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to unavoidable circumstances, many businesses have been forced to close, stop productivity and reduce business operations.  Learning to adapt to the change while finding innovative ways […]

Smart Communications #StayProductive

The Future Is Digital #DaisyNewDecade2020 Take Me There – VIDEO The rising popularity of remote working comes with no surprise as more and more companies move into a more digitalized business decade.  With today’s emerging tech and inclusive culture, technologies have made telecommuting and virtual collaboration easier and more effective than ever before. Smart communication […]

A Race Against Time

Rare Disease Day 2020 #TheDaisyWay #DaisyTeam Daisy Business Solutions Supports The Jada Foundation The Daisy group was excited to commemorate this year’s Rare Disease Day by getting behind the awareness of Vanishing White Matter Disease around the world. In an effort to support the Jada Foundation, Daisy Business Solutions showed their contribution by purchasing and […]

Let’s Hit The Fairway

“Daisy Kicks Off This Year’s Daisy Golf Schools Events Daisy Golf School Events 2020! #TeamDaisy In an effort to continually build strong business relationships, Daisy Johannesburg hosted their 4th Golf School Day event at the prestigious Johannesburg Country Club, last week Thursday, 6 Feb 2020. Our people have always been our greatest assets, therefore, it…

Join Daisy Today

“Daisy leads clients into a new decade of business success #DaisyNewDecade2020 With over 35 years of experience, 56 branches nationwide and a 24/7/365 service network; Daisy Business Solutions is excited to welcome its clients into a new decade of business success. Through our cutting-edge solutions, national service footprint and our flexible finance options, we are…

One Dream At A Time

“Fulfilling dreams, The Daisy Way” Take Me There – VIDEO #InspiringChange Daisy Business Solutions Reach for a dream 2019! Daisy Business Solutions was privileged to partake in last week’s Sports Breakfast event at the Mount Edgecombe in courtesy of the ‘Reach For A Dream Foundation’ on Friday, 16th August 2019. “Sport Breakfast: Discussion with Pat…

Join the movement

“Inspire Change, The Daisy Way” #InspiringChange Daisy Business Solutions Reach for a dream 2019! Daisy invites you to ride the wave of change as we, along with many other corporates, sponsor this seasons ‘Reach for a Dream Foundation’ event. The purpose of the organisation is to empower children to use their dream to fight life-threatening …

Mandela Day, The Daisy Way 2019

“67 Minutes of Goodwill” Take Me There – VIDEO #InspiringChange Daisy Business Solutions Mandela Day 2019! It was more than just 67 minutes of goodwill at Daisy this past Thursday, as we celebrated the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. Our branches all over South Africa took action by reaching out to different communities with…

Is your Business at Risk? 6 Reasons to Upgrade your CCTV

CCTV’s are becoming increasingly important for the protection of  your property, assets and business. Would-be criminals are often deterred by the presence of CCTV cameras, and footage provides valuable evidence and or information which can result in arrests, prosecution and conviction.

Your Business Connectivity

Today, no business can operate without an element of connectivity to the outside world using data. This is not news. There are a number of suppliers from whom you can acquire connectivity for your business. What is going to be key, is the service you get prior to receiving the product and beyond the connectivity installation.

Striving for service excellence

Service delivery is that often-bandied-about term that can cover virtually every interaction between a business or provider and its customers. Essentially, good service must add value to the customer’s personal or business endeavours. Poor service will either add no value or worse, result in a loss of value.

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