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PROCESS and WORKFLOW management MAKES PERFECT. While organisations generally see the value of workflow and process management, they too often feature further down the priority list than more immediate and pressing business operations. Commonly this occurs if they believe they’re operating well enough without clearly defined workflows and processes. However, redundancy in business processes and workflows results in […]

Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security for business  Enterprise Security has always been a top priority for most businesses. Thanks to the global pandemic and the resultant worldwide shift toward remote and hybrid working environments, data breaches globally are on the rise. The impact of these is predicted to affect companies for years to come. As cybercriminals become more […]

Alternative Energy Solutions

Alternative Energy Solutions are a must-have in this day and age for any companies that are tired of having their production and operational processes interrupted. On your marks: get SET…Get OFF-GRID! We’ve been told repeatedly by our engineers who work on them that green solutions for businesses are not a trendy luxury anymore; they’re a […]

National Schools Program

Our National Schools Program specialises in integrating and developing technology and its benefits in our schools. Every school we partner with aims to achieve compliance through streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that support and promote their growth seamlessly and successfully into the future. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change […]

Commercial Security. Prevention is better than cure.

Our Motto for Commercial Security?… “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” We are prompted to address the ever-so-important and surprisingly broad topic of Commercial Security only when we have fallen victim to breaches or theft. Even then, ‘business security has us envisioning intricate technology theft and cybercrimes, and, while they do indeed constitute significant security contraventions, […]

Strategic IT solutions

Strategic IT solutions Matter So Much More Than You Think!  Strategic IT solutions are crucial to the growth and performance optimisation of a business. Contrary to historical belief, the IT infrastructure of today extends far beyond the tangible aspects of hardware, servers, storage, power, support, and maintenance, and into the realm of assessing how effective […]

Modern Telephone Technology

Modern telephone technology and updating inadequate telephone systems that don’t work correctly. Modern telephone technology and telecommunication-related pain points are not uncommon in day-to-day office environments and operations, but we have to a large degree become accustomed to taking them in our stride. That, however, does not deem their presence acceptable on any level. Communications […]

Eliminate the struggle of Business Connectivity

“A well-connected business is a recipe for success.”    Eliminate the daily struggle of Business Connectivity. When the office WiFi or fibre connection stops working, software systems go down, and communication tools cease to function. And then, after waiting days for problem resolution, it collapses all over again. Sound familiar? What does business connectivity mean […]

Finding solutions to your Business Pain Points!

Managing Pain Points In The Workplace Dealing with business pain points is commonplace in most modern work environments. All thanks to several contributing factors, each playing their own part.  New, growing and, established businesses alike all depend upon technological advancements to improve their customers’ and employees’ experiences. All with the aim of driving overall business […]

PMR Diamond Arrow awards for Daisy EC and Daisy Limpopo.

Our Daisy Business Solution branches in the EC and Limpopo have both taken 1st place in the annual awards for their respective regions. These two branches were named as companies that have done the most in their locations over the past 12 months. Both branches have been adamant to stimulate economic growth and business […]

Flexible Connectivity and Software solutions.

Times change, and we change with them #FutureProofYourBusiness with Flexible Connectivity and Software solutions COVID-19 has transformed our cities, our jobs, and our economy. It’s also fundamentally transforming businesses – from the ‘ordinary’ business environment to working remotely. Flexible Connectivity and Software solutions are fast becoming a top priority in this new working environment. It has been the […]

Survive Business Lockdown during COVID 19.

Key Points on how to Survive the Business Lockdown   It’s trying, uncertain times for all business owners, as South Africa experiences a National Lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to unavoidable circumstances, many businesses have been forced to close, stop productivity and reduce business operations.  Learning to adapt to the change while finding innovative ways […]

Smart Communications #StayProductive

The Future Is Digital #DaisyNewDecade2020 Take Me There – VIDEO The rising popularity of remote working comes with no surprise as more and more companies move into a more digitalized business decade.  With today’s emerging tech and inclusive culture, technologies have made telecommuting and virtual collaboration easier and more effective than ever before. Smart communication […]

A Race Against Time

Rare Disease Day 2020 #TheDaisyWay #DaisyTeam Daisy Business Solutions Supports The Jada Foundation The Daisy group was excited to commemorate this year’s Rare Disease Day by getting behind the awareness of Vanishing White Matter Disease around the world. In an effort to support the Jada Foundation, Daisy Business Solutions showed their contribution by purchasing and […]

Let’s Hit The Fairway

“Daisy Kicks Off This Year’s Daisy Golf Schools Events Daisy Golf School Events 2020! #TeamDaisy In an effort to continually build strong business relationships, Daisy Johannesburg hosted their 4th Golf School Day event at the prestigious Johannesburg Country Club, last week Thursday, 6 Feb 2020. Our people have always been our greatest assets, therefore, it…

Join Daisy Today

“Daisy leads clients into a new decade of business success #DaisyNewDecade2020 With over 35 years of experience, 56 branches nationwide and a 24/7/365 service network; Daisy Business Solutions is excited to welcome its clients into a new decade of business success. Through our cutting-edge solutions, national service footprint and our flexible finance options, we are…

One Dream At A Time

“Fulfilling dreams, The Daisy Way” Take Me There – VIDEO #InspiringChange Daisy Business Solutions Reach for a dream 2019! Daisy Business Solutions was privileged to partake in last week’s Sports Breakfast event at the Mount Edgecombe in courtesy of the ‘Reach For A Dream Foundation’ on Friday, 16th August 2019. “Sport Breakfast: Discussion with Pat…

Join the movement

“Inspire Change, The Daisy Way” #InspiringChange Daisy Business Solutions Reach for a dream 2019! Daisy invites you to ride the wave of change as we, along with many other corporates, sponsor this seasons ‘Reach for a Dream Foundation’ event. The purpose of the organisation is to empower children to use their dream to fight life-threatening …

Mandela Day, The Daisy Way 2019

“67 Minutes of Goodwill” Take Me There – VIDEO #InspiringChange Daisy Business Solutions Mandela Day 2019! It was more than just 67 minutes of goodwill at Daisy this past Thursday, as we celebrated the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. Our branches all over South Africa took action by reaching out to different communities with…

Is your Business at Risk? 6 Reasons to Upgrade your CCTV

CCTV’s are becoming increasingly important for the protection of  your property, assets and business. Would-be criminals are often deterred by the presence of CCTV cameras, and footage provides valuable evidence and or information which can result in arrests, prosecution and conviction.

Your Business Connectivity

Today, no business can operate without an element of connectivity to the outside world using data. This is not news. There are a number of suppliers from whom you can acquire connectivity for your business. What is going to be key, is the service you get prior to receiving the product and beyond the connectivity installation.

Striving for service excellence

Service delivery is that often-bandied-about term that can cover virtually every interaction between a business or provider and its customers. Essentially, good service must add value to the customer’s personal or business endeavours. Poor service will either add no value or worse, result in a loss of value.

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