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    Daisy Energy is a leading supplier of Solar Energy, Backup Power, Generators, and Lighting solutions to production and manufacturing companies across South Africa. Our energy solutions are geared for companies that are reliant on power because it is the lifeblood of their operations. Daisy Energy understands that any operational downtime has a negative knock-on effect and is just bad for business. We also understand the importance of cost reduction and how our energy /power solutions are helping our clients to be more efficient.

    Daisy Energy is dedicated to moving South Africa towards a greener more sustainable future one case at a time, as well as educating companies and people on the benefits of renewable energy and sustainability.

    In our current economic climate, Daisy Energy has become a solutions partner to manufacturers and businesses wanting to –

    • Supplement their current power supply with a Solar solution to reduce costs
    • Ensure operational uptime by having a backup power solution for when the grid goes down
    • Reduce electricity and operational costs by looking at efficiencies
    • Reduce your carbon footprint

    Purchasing high-quality energy/power equipment can become a costly exercise depending on the scale of the project. Daisy Energy offers affordable in-house finance options for clients that don’t have access to capital. Our consultants are on hand to assist you with understanding your needs and proposing a solution that will benefit you and your business.

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