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Our wholly-owned internal financing division.

See our finance benefits explained in the text below.

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    Our wholly-owned internal financing division now offers flexible short-term rental finance and service options that allow us to evolve alongside a growing market.

    Daisy Finance provides unique and flexible financing solutions that enable productivity and efficiency in businesses. We are able to offer business finance for the following solutions, Connectivity, Office Automation, Telecommunications, Security Solutions, IT Infrastructure as well as Software, and Consumables. 

    Making it easy for Daisy Finance to provide our customers with complete 360” turnkey solutions. 

    What are the benefits of using Daisy Finance: 

    • Preserve cash flow – With cash often tied up in equipment and setup costs, freedom to make strategic decisions is restricted. Here, financing enables businesses to grow in competitive markets.
    • Maintain credit reserves – Financing internally negates leveraging costly credit facilities with financial institutions, reserving these funds instead.
    • 100% Finance – Financing for 100% of all hardware, maintenance, software, and service costs provides complete peace of mind.
    • Structured Terms – Customised finance packages with fixed monthly payment structures according to unique needs.
    • All-inclusive – All-inclusive finance, including hardware breakages, fault response, and upgrades, allows businesses to remain productive and operate smoothly.
    • Pay only for use – Customised finance packages avoid minimum billing structures and charges based only on usage. Service and rental included – costs adjusted with growth or downsizing.
    • Accounting Benefits – Monthly costs are fully tax-deductible and may be regarded as OpEx, thus avoiding the use of valuable CapEx budgets. Better returns on net assets and flexible and predictable finance terms between 24 and 60 months enhance both balance sheet and income statements. Using off-balance-sheet financing reduces debt exposure, offers tax advantages, and thus increases business profits. 
    • Obsolescence – Equipment and software upgrades are package inclusive, thus ensuring compliance with technological advancements. Rather rent to avoid technological obsolescence. 

    Call Daisy for all your equipment finance solutions. All finance options are subject to approval. T&C apply. 

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