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For 35 years Daisy has provided South African businesses with managed services and cutting edge solutions. We’re experts in service delivery and accountability. Become our life long business partner and we will walk the line with you.

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Corporate Business

As specialists in on-site service and maintenance on a national level, we understand what businesses in the corporate sector need from a service perspective. What’s more, our historical performance in terms of stringent corporate SLA’s sits above 97% for our national corporate customers.

Our vast level of experience in this sector enables us to design your business a custom made and cost-effective print policy and fleet optimisation plan, as well as the implementation of a software security programme that will protect the integrity of your data. We are also experts in administering electronic document storage and management- we’ll bridge the gap between old and new technologies.

Let us implement our cost effective and timeless strategies, and we will help you transform your business and provide you with the essential resilience to tackle the digital future.

We recently decided to enter into an RFP process for our printer needs for our head office, regional offices, DCs and the stores. We found the pricing to be very favourable, supported by an excellent service offering and awarded the RFP as such. Our experience is that Daisy Business Solutions is a company with a strong service orientation with a clear understanding of their customer operational needs.

JJ Vogel
Partners & Suppliers