About Daisy Business Solutions - A Proudly South African Company
About Daisy Solutions

Our Story

From humble beginnings in a store room in Midrand, a proudly South African company was born.
We started with 8 staff members, and over time, with a lot of trial, error and hard work, we developed and established a services and solutions empire. We now boast to having over 5800 staff members and 56 branches nationwide. We’re the best in the industry.

In 1985, we took over a business that was effectively bankrupt, and have spent the last 30 years nurturing and rebranding this business to get to the point where we are today. Take a look at our brief timeline to explore our journey…

Year: 1985

Our group starts from humble beginnings

We took over an effectively bankrupt company and rebuilt it from the ground up. We solidified both our product supply chain as well as our unique selling model.

Year: 1995

Translating our vision

We translated the vision we had for our company into a concrete business model. This business model prevented us from having to outsource when it came to distribution meaning we became one of the very few companies to offer an end-to-end service operation that was controlled internally, without being dependent on third party operations.

Year: 2002

The formation of Smart Office Services

The formation of Smart Office Services, or SOS, our national service company that is available throughout South Africa.

Year: 2010

Assetfin is launched

We launched Assetfin- our internal financing division. We now offer flexible short-term rental finance and service options that allow us to evolve alongside a growing market.

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