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Access Control

Control who enters your business location and when

Our Access Control Products

Face Recognition Terminals

For quick and reliable ID verification – even under difficult lighting conditions – Our deep-learning-empowered face recognition terminals set a new standard in access control.

Card Terminals

For users who wish to use non-biometric access control devices, card terminals are a great choice.

Finger Print Terminals

These standalone terminals integrate the latest fingerprint algorithms while supporting multiple verification methods, including ID cards and PIN codes.


Fast and accurate access with card, password, or fingerprint.


Offers users various functions of access control. With its high adaptability, these devices are suitable for a range of different application scenarios and can be integrated with various other devices, such as card readers, locks or pushbuttons, etc.

Electrical Locks

Paired with an access control device for advanced door control.


Hikvision Turnstiles integrate not only with face recognition terminals. They also offer users advanced access control functions and multiple combinations of authentication methods.

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