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Business Connectivity as an essential organisational service.

Some of our Connectivity products


Daisy Business Solutions specialises in connecting your business to the world. With nearly 20 years of connectivity experience in South African enterprise, we are professionals at designing tailor-made corporate solutions that provide your business with access to the internet, e-commerce, the cloud, and a full range of state-of-the-art hosted ICT solutions.


Our voice connectivity solutions are geared to provide crystal clear communication for all staff members, whether you’re a small team of 10 or a large corporation. Daisy has voice connectivity solutions that cater to any business size across all industry sectors.


Using a combination of smart routing equipment, branch internet access, and cloud services, Daisy Business Solutions can connect all branches of a single organisation onto a single network.


Our LTE services are designed to suit SME and MME businesses with branches in remote, rural, or outlying areas, particularly where Fibre or Microwave services have not yet been deployed. There is currently almost 90% LTE coverage across South Africa, almost guaranteeing that your office will be successful in achieving coverage.


In today’s online world, having faster, more reliable internet access allows your staff to be more productive while completing tasks online. Coupled with the various other services one can deliver over fibre such a voice, cloud applications, and SD-WAN, organisations can drive down costs by negating the need for multiple connections to route various digital services.


Due to the high cost associated with the rolling out of fibre optic cables in an area, wireless technologies can deliver high-speed, reliable internet services in places where cabled services have not been installed.

Real Customers, Real Reviews

Mr Nelis Fourie - General Manager: Information Technology
Macdonald's Transport & Warehousing

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Daisy Business Solutions. Daisy through Mike Botha and his team, offers a high level of quality and detailed service, with continued follow up and recommendations on product and service improvements, illustrating their attention to detail and concern for quality service at extremely competitive prices. By partnering with Daisy, MacDonald's Transport managed to save in excess of R1m in cost and even more in productivity over the last 18 months through implementation of an improved SD-WAN solution. With the recent procurement of printers through, and agreement of an SLA with Daisy, MacDonald's evisage to save another R1m+ in printing cost over the next three years. The Daisy team is always available, pleasant, courteous, friendly and ready to assist, no matter the request or problem. Good customer service most certainly appears to be the most important business value to them. I’m happy to recommend the services of Daisy to anyone seeking the services of a specialist in their wide field of offerings.

Shadon Moodley
JSE Investor Services

I have been dealing with Daisy Business Solutions since 2014 and the service I have received thus far has been fantastic. Dealing with the connectivity team I have come to realise that you can already accept that everything will be taken care of. I recommend Daisy as a connectivity business partner to any company that's looking for service backed up with quality products.

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