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Take your Small to Medium businesses to the next level?

For 35 years Daisy has provided South African Small to Medium Businesses with managed services and cutting-edge solutions. We’re experts in service delivery and accountability. Become our lifelong business partner and we will walk the line with you.

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Are you a Start-Up or an Established Business?

​Daisy offers Small to Medium Businesses, Infrastructure, and Technology Solutions.
Our core capabilities lie in Information Communication Technology (ICT), Office Automation (OA), Optimised Energy Infrastructure (OEI) & Business Security Technologies (BST)
With wholly-owned finance, service, and support infrastructure, we are able to provide customers with complete 360” turnkey office infrastructure and technology solutions.

Through Daisy’s vast experience with small to medium businesses, we specialise at providing you with tailor made solutions and managed services. Above all, we recognise that all start-ups initially endure cash flow challenges.

Therefore, we offer both scalable and affordable month to month rental and service contracts to suit our clients’ needs. This limits the onerous obligation of committing to long-term contracts which lack the historical information specific to your business’ requirements and strategies when it comes to expanding in the foreseeable future.

Moreover, our offer of a turn-key solution allows us to handle all of your office automation, preventing you from having to outsource and spend on additional services. Our main objective is to streamline your business’s productivity to ensure you continue to grow and develop without spending unnecessary costs.

Let us implement our cost-effective and timeless strategies, and we will help you transform your business and provide you with the essential resilience to tackle the digital future.
With the foresight to understand future business environments and business technology, we continue to develop, distribute and service solutions that enable companies to operate in digitally advanced business environments. Our ability to maintain and service our base of customers and product solutions has been fundamental to our success.
Our people and our passion are our key ingredients and we’re “nice people to do business with”
Our promise is to always give our best and for all our stakeholders to experience “The Daisy Way” at every touchpoint.

We recently decided to enter into an RFP process for our printer needs for our head office, regional offices, DCs and the stores. We found the pricing to be very favourable, supported by an excellent service offering and awarded the RFP as such. Our experience is that Daisy Business Solutions is a company with a strong service orientation with a clear understanding of their customer operational needs.

JJ Vogel
Partners & Suppliers