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Is your business connected effectively?

We are in the business of connecting your business to the world. We understand that having access to effective connectivity solutions, such as high speed internet or a fixed wireless connection is vital for any corporation. This is why our smart optical solutions place us at the lead of new age digital technology.

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Our Connectivity services and solutions include, but are not limited to:

Fibre Solutions

With Fibre based solutions using optics to transmit data, the experience for the end user is unrivalled compared to utilizing traditional copper based mediums. Due to the capacity that can be transmitted over a Fibre connection, this allows a fully scalable solution without having to have additional cables installed. This does allow organizations to experience a superior level of accessibility to the internet or cloud based services due to services having a low latency and being fully symmetrical.

Fixed Wireless Solutions

Using only ICASA Approved Licensed Spectrum, Fixed Wireless Solutions can offer the same advantages of optical fibre with symmetrical upload and download speeds. Fixed Wireless Solutions are ideal for organisations in areas where fibre networks have not been deployed or experience issues with cable theft on traditional copper networks. Due to using only ICASA approved Spectrum, Fixed Microwave services are extremely reliable and not susceptible to frequency interference.

High Speed Internet

In today’s digital corporate landscape, having access to high speed internet over a Fibre or Fixed Wireless Connection is vital for any organisation. True high speed internet allows organisations to optimise efficiency with staff by allowing un-paralleled access to e-commerce and cloud based services, ensuring their organisation is on the forefront of the digital revolution.

Optimum Uptime Solutions

By Moving to New Generation Fibre or Fixed Wireless Solutions, organisations are assured of the optimum uptime. By incorporating a redundant connection to the primary service, should this primary service fail, the redundant service will initiate immediately, allowing the organisation to focus on their operations whilst engineers resolve any issues. This offers an organisation

piece-of-mind, affording full productivity without the hassle of unnecessary downtime.

Redundancy Options:

Redundancy to primary services can be deployed via a multitude of mediums and can be tailor made to suit any budget or specialised requirement. These can be deployed over fibre, Fixed Wireless solutions or over LTE.

Always On Networks

As computing has become far more sophisticated, “Always-On” systems have begun replacing the older on-demand systems that functioned on different types of resources. Always-on Networks ensure the optimum bandwidth and services are always available to an organisation depending on the demand, day or night. This allows organisations to prioritise certain file transfers and backup’s for any time of the day, depending on their priority.

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