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Is your business print effective and efficient?

As SA’s #1 print solution specialists, we offer multi-branded and custom made print solutions, structured to suit your business requirements. As everyday costs increase for businesses, we aim to reduce your monthly print costs and increase efficiency. Likewise, with the backing of our outstanding in-house service division, we ensure that all of your devices maintain an optimum level of performance, whether it’s a simple or more advanced solution, we’ve got you covered.

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A4 Colour Printer

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A4 Mono Printer

A4-Mono-Printer rentals

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A3 & A4 Multifunctional Printer

A4 & A3 Printer rentals

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Our Business Printing services and solutions include, but are not limited to:


Multi-branded print supplier

With the flexibility to offer you a multi-brand solution, we are able to offer business printing from media as small as A6 up to a maximum of A0+, from inkjet technology to laser technology. We have a printer for your every need.

Flexible print contracts

With the assistance of our internal finance division, we have the ability to structure any deal to suit your business requirements. From a month to month agreement to a fully managed print solution or the conventional 36/60 month rental agreements, we are able to offer all of these arrangements to you as the customer.

Multifunctional print devices

Print audit software

With an increase in daily costs, our advanced print software will assist in reducing your monthly print costs by setting up print policies or monitoring print volumes as well as restricting user’s ability to print. Furthermore, our print software, along with any additional modules, can assist clients with the POPI process as documents are held by the server and released upon verification from users. We can further provide the end user with a monthly *green report, indicating your energy consumption and savings contributed towards the environment.

*Only available on certain printing devices with added software

Cost reducing print solutions

We have the ability to set up print policies/ monitor print volumes as well as restrict user’s ability to print.

Fully customisable print solutions

Whether you require a month to month service agreement or a fully managed print solution, our offerings are all at the most competitive prices.

 End to end print solutions

We provide a complete print solution that integrates all of your automation needs. From your simple everyday requirements such as copying and scanning to your more advanced business printing solutions such as book and magazine creation.

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