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Financial Solutions

Is your business financially sound?

Let us introduce you to our financial division Assetfin. Take a look at the flexible financing solutions we have on offer and Daisy could become your business partner.

Rental and flexible financial solutions– we offer finance on the rental of your automation services, rather than on-selling finance. With Assetfin it’s possible to receive 100% financing for your hardware equipment as well as the costs of maintenance, software and service. Daisy can finance any business requirement over any time period.

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    There’s a world of benefits that come with taking advantage of our flexible financial solutions:

    • You can focus your capital on investing strategically to improve the profitability and success of your business in a competitive market
    • With Assetfin there’s no need to leverage costly credit facilities with banks or other financial institutions
    • Flexible terms- you only pay for what you use. We can customize a fixed monthly payment structure according to your business’ requirements
    • Fees include services, maintenance and upgrades – this lets you run your business productively and efficiently
    • Tax benefits; your monthly fee is completely tax deductible, which makes sense when you are dealing with a depreciating asset.
    • Renting means you avoid technological obsolescence – we will always update your equipment and software as part of your package. This ensures that your business keeps up with technological innovations.

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