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Gym Equipment

Is your business running at its full potential?

Daisy brings to you the latest, tailor-made gym fitness solutions to help improve the productivity of your business space. Explore our limitless options of gym equipment picked from industry leaders and presented to you in a manner that suits your budget and timelines. Sit back and watch your business reach its next-level performance.

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Brand selection:
Gym equipment supply:

1. Options from all leading brands from Europe and USA.
2. Supply of alternative premium grade A equipment from Europe.
3. Expectations of the various pieces of equipment.
4. Warranties of the various equipment and after-market service.

Equipment purchase:
Specialised agreements ensure equipment is kept off the asset register, and this option allows our clients the flexibility of replacing their equipment every 3-5 years.

1. Rentals/leases: come with a full service and maintenance plan that ensures the equipment is kept running and in optimum condition for the full term.
2. Outright purchase: If there is Capex available equipment is procured directly for the client from the suppliers in Europe.
3. Combined purchase: durable equipment is purchased and less durable equipment is Rented/Leased.

Service & Maintenance:

1. Specific plans are designed and costed according to the client’s needs.
2. Unrivalled response times from a national team of skilled technicians.
3. Online ticketing system designed to keep you informed throughout the whole service process.

Space planning and design:

1. Working with the clients’ teams, we start our 2D design work taking into consideration the risks and needs as well as an alignment to all statuary requirements.
2. Once the 2D is signed off, a 3D walk through the facility is created.
3. The client then experiences a virtual walk through of the fully completed facility.

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