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Has your business achieved optimal wellness?

From facility management programs and in-house express pharmacies, to providing you with a wide range of pharmaceutical services, and health/fitness technologies; Daisy offers a hassle-free wellness solution to help give you the peace of mind you need. We provide you with the ultimate in health and fitness services. Let us take you through a turnkey journey that covers every element of your needs.

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    Our Business Wellness programs and solutions include, but are not limited to:

    Facility Management Programs:
    Outsource your facilities management solutions, sit back and watch your wellness program run like clockwork.

    We specialise in the following management services:

    • Fitness staff supply and management.
    • Preventative healthcare professionals supply and management.
    • Service and maintenance supply and management.
    • Management of all facility services such as health and safety, cleaning, EMS and facility audits.

    Executive Management Programs:
    All our executives go through a specific in-depth screening process that happens at our partner sites or on-site at their offices. This process is fully coordinated by our executive coach.  The outcomes of the executive screening are then communicated to the executive by the dedicated coach and a corrective plan designed, implemented and thereafter managed.

    Devices and Health Technology:
    Digitisation your wellness programs through today’s APPs and systems technology. We supply online health and fitness technology to cater for all business needs from SMEs to listed corporations.

    We are able to offer or build you the following solutions:
    • Fitness challenges (step/weight loss challenges)
    • Telehealth/ E-consulting
    • Tele-medicine
    • Systems to deliver real time ROI and risk stratification

    Healthcare Services:
    We have the ability through our partner network to cater for any of your business requirements, whether it be industrial, corporate or remote we will be able to design, build and implement your required need.

    Our Qualified Staff Include:
    • Biokineticist
    • Dieticians
    Occupational therapists

    Pharmaceutical Services:
    Smaller express pharmacies can be brought into your workplace, adding the benefits of larger stores conveniently located in your workplace.

    Some benefits are:
    • No need for dispensing licenses
    • Delivery of all chromic medication
    • Directly linked to all medical aids
    • Added benefits of a convenience store
    • Script fulfilment



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