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Month-To-Month Phone Rentals

As the business environment continues to evolve so has Daisy’s offerings. We understand modern day business needs and requirements, which is why for the first time we’re offering month-to-month rental options to businesses.

With flexible and cost-effective contract options, we are able to tailor make solutions with the help of our specialists.

Along with Daisy’s national fleet of technical specialists and support staff, Daisy is able to cover its clients from solution to service across all their business solutions.

Telecom Month to Month Promotion

New generation executive phone

Multi purpose features & functions

New Generation Executive phone rentals

Month-To-Month Rentals

High performance cordless phones

Long-range connections and transfers

High Performance Cordless Phone Rentals

Month-To-Month Rentals

New generation conference phone

Multi purpose features & functions

New Generation Conference Phone Rentals

Month-To-Month Rentals

Daisy Phone Rentals – 35 Years of Experience Nationally

Our Teleco teams ensure that our clients are connected in a cost effective and efficient way, without the need for complicated and expensive equipment. With a full service fleet of technicians and a helpdesk operating 24/7, Daisy guarantees excellent service and market leading products.