Back-Up Power Solutions for optimised operations

Emergency and backup power are fundamental to the operation of critical systems and facilities used in business and manufacturing. Without a reliable infrastructure, small changes in power or a loss thereof can lead to downtime and decreases in productivity. The knock-on effect of this can also be detrimental to other parts of your company’s operations.

Alternate power solutions are a must-have if your organisation requires 100% uptime and peace of mind that your operations will continue to run during outages or load shedding.

Daisy Energy provides a full range of turn-key backup power generator solutions that can be custom-built and tailored to suit the requirements of every customer’s needs. From sizing and design to assistance in securing finance, we will provide a solution to ensure you are never without power.

Daisy Energy has partnered with the leading generator suppliers for the best backup power solutions available. Coupled with our team of technical experts we have designed and installed a number of alternative power solutions across the country.

Generator applications

Most manufacturing or commercial facility uses one or more emergency generators as the primary means of backup power. In a normal setup, backup generators connect to the electrical system using transfer switches or a switchgear application. These systems monitor the incoming main power supply.

When the power supply reduces or is switched off the generator starts automatically and restores power to the system.

Daisy Energy has a multitude of contracted generator manufacturers that allow us to spec any generator to your specification. We supply generators starting from 15 kVA.

Daisy Energy has been operating in the Alternate Power Industry since 2011 and has grown year on year since its inception. We offer power solutions ranging from solar, backup power and lighting, for every business’s needs. Call Daisy Energy today for a free consultation and site survey.

Our Generators Products

FAW Generators | Daisy Business Solutions


FAW generator engines are a highly technological and reliable Chinese brand, growing quickly in popularity as a brand of choice in generators. Used extensively throughout the world – with very good results. FAW generators (FAWDE diesel generators) are a very popular brand in South Africa. These engines include high temperature and low oil, water and fuel protection to protect against engine damage.
SCANIA Generators | Daisy Business Solutions


Scania engines are renowned for contributing constant, trouble-free power delivery. From prime power at remote sites and entertainment venues through standby and backup power to large power requirements.
PERKINS Generators | Daisy Business Solutions


Designed for critical applications including data centres and hospitals, every innovation packed into the Perkins Series serves the same purpose – providing reliable power when you need it.
LOVOL Generators | Daisy Business Solutions


Whether you need a diesel generator for business or industrial use, these gensets are the perfect fit for the budget-conscious consumer looking for standby power. By choosing one of these generators, you will still enjoy the same build quality and components you’ve come to expect from Daisy Energy.
CUMMINS Generators | Daisy Business Solutions


A world leader in the design and manufacture of power generation equipment, Cummins is engineering the next generation of power systems.
VOLVO Generators | Daisy Business Solutions


Volvo Penta provides industrial power generation engines that are constructed with reliable efficiency and unmatched load acceptance at their core. Flexible, easily installed and fuel-efficient – backed by extensive aftermarket support – they will supply power, ease of operation and peace of mind.

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