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Looking for Business Security Solutions for an ever-changing socio-economic environment. Business security has never been more important. It is essential to ensure that your business is secure from the perimeter to the interior. Securing stock and staff through surveillance monitoring, hardware and vehicle protection, and theft prevention. It remains imperative to stay ahead in protection technology and ensure your security hardware and software are always up-to-date.
Business Security Solutions | Daisy Business Solutions
Our Security Solutions can help mitigate loss, improve profitability, optimise performance, and increase conversion rates all while enhancing your customer experience. Our Smart Technology offers a series of features that focus on event-based functions that deliver many advantages specifically designed for environments such as retail, industrial, manufacturing, mining, hospitality, education, and finance. 

Intrusion and thermal detection, explosion-proof cameras and auto-tracking make Smart IP cameras perfect for a host of applications, where safety standard requirements are high.  

Entrance management, constant monitoring, and control needs are all covered in our range of solutions. 


Access Control

Intrusion Detection

Time & Attendance




Vehicle Security

ANPR (Automatic Number-Plate Recognition) | Daisy Business Solutions


Automatic number-plate recognition or ANPR is a technology used to create vehicle location data by recognising the characters on vehicle registration plates. ANPR is used by law enforcement, Business parks, Secure lifestyle Complexes, Shopping malls, and Industrial sites to monitor the vehicles that come and go on a daily basis. 

Business Access Control Solutions | Daisy Business Solutions

Access Control

Take control of which people enter your business premises and when with an access control system from our Daisy Security division. Only allowing the right people onto your premises and into your buildings are critical control methods for any modern business to stay safe.

Intrusion Detection | Daisy Business Security Solutions

Intrusion Detection

Our professional approach to perimeter security is consultative. Our goal in developing a security solution for our clients is to understand the threat & security risk, the physical environment, site infrastructure as well as the value of the goods and information that needs to be protected.

Time & Attendance | Daisy Business Security Solutions

Time & Attendance

Automated Time & Attendance will reduce your operational costs, reporting, and wasted time ensuring increased efficiency and monitoring of staff. By utilising Biometric Technology, you also ensure accurate recognition of your employees. 

Retail Security Solutions | Daisy Business Solutions


Daisy Security provides customised and professional retail security systems for all forms of retail business and operations. With a deep understanding that not all retail businesses are the same our bespoke and robust security solutions are tailor-made and customised for every retail environment. 

Thermal Detection Cameras | Daisy Business Solutions


Visible light only makes up a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum and is the only part we can physically see. When the sensor on a thermal detection camera is pointed at an object or area, it allows the user to see the otherwise invisible infrared spectrum. 

Business CCTV Systems | Daisy Business Solutions


Any business can benefit from having a reliable CCTV surveillance camera system to deter theft, as well as monitor and document activities on their business premises. A video surveillance system is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy and at Daisy Security, we are equipped to install, service, and monitor systems that are retrofit to your unique business requirements.

Vehicle Security | Fleet Security | Daisy Business Solutions

Vehicle Security

At Daisy Security, we understand that protecting your assets is a critical element for most companies that run and maintain a fleet of vehicles. By installing Dashcams into your fleet, companies can save money, improve fleet performance, increase profits and reward the drivers who run your vehicles. 

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