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General FAQ's

Who is Daisy Business Solutions?

What does Daisy specialise in?

How long has Daisy been operating?

Connectivity FAQ's

What is connectivity?

What are the types of connectivity?

Why is connectivity so important today?

Telecoms FAQ's

Is hosted better than premised-based IP telephony?

What is a premise-based IP phone system?

What should I look for in an office phone system?


What are the 3 primary components of IT infrastructure?

What are the benefits of a good network infrastructure?

What are the elements of IT infrastructure?

Software FAQ's

How does an electronic document management system work?

How could my company or organisation benefit from using a document management system?

Why is workflow important to business?

Security FAQ's

What are the benefits of having a good perimeter security system?

What is retail security?

What are the types of access control?

Print FAQ's

What is the difference between monochrome and color printers?

What is a desktop copier/printer?

What is an office copier/printer?

Solar FAQ's

What factors affect solar energy?

How do solar panels work?

Are solar systems worth it?

Backup FAQ's

What is the difference between UPS and battery backup?

How long does a UPS battery backup last?

Does a UPS use a lot of electricity?

Finance FAQ's

What is Daisy Finance?

How much Finance is Daisy offering?

What are the structured terms?

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