World-Class Service

So what does efficient and effective professional service look like?

Experience professional service the Daisy way. Through our centralised national network, we are able to cover and service our end-to-end product offerings timelessly and cost-effectively. Through exceptional turnaround times and a 24/7 help desk, our expert service team will be able to guide and assist you every step of the way.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Print Service Solutions
  • IT Service Solutions
  • Security Service Solutions
  • Telecoms Service Solutions
  • Connectivity Service Solutions
World-Class Service | Daisy Business Solutions

More About Our Services

Professional Service

We have the best turnaround times in the industry and a reassuring helpline available 24 7. With over 30 years of experience, we are the only corporation to provide reliable and effective services across such a varied portfolio- including connectivity, print, etc telecoms, security, IT and Software. Through our vast branch network in over 50 outlets, we pride ourselves on little to no downtime and always on professional service.

Sourcing Service

We not only offer innovative solutions custom-tailored to your business needs, but we pride ourselves on using the best brands at the best prices. We offer an exciting range of brands, sourced independently, which guarantees that we produce outstanding results, improving your overall productivity. Further, with every service you require, we supply the necessary accessories, covering all your solution essentials.

Project Management

Our professional and experienced in-house experts ensure that every project is managed efficiently and resourcefully. Effective management diminishes complexity and guarantees that we find simple and affordable solutions to difficult challenges. We’re always seeking to maximise our performance and constantly break into new markets, always evolving alongside technological innovations. We now boast to being the preferred service provider and business partner to all of our customers.

Support Teams

Every rental agreement is accompanied by our own services plan specifically designed for your business. Whatever the demand our supportive teams adapt your contract according to your financial and operational needs. As the only company that uses its own distribution network, we prevent you from having to spend any additional costs. However big the demand, our expertly structured network of teams ensures that we will deliver…right to your company’s door! We work smart so your work is made easy.

Service Solutions

Print Service Solutions

We have the ability to set up print policies/ monitor print volumes as well as restrict user’s ability to print. Whether you require a month-to-month service agreement or a fully managed print solution, our offerings are all at the most competitive prices.

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Print Service Solutions | Daisy Business Solutions

IT Service Solutions

As IT professionals our teams are experienced at developing, testing, delivering, monitoring, controlling, and supporting any business IT services. Our IT services can be deployed within a cloud computing system or within your owned facilities.

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IT Service Solutions | Daisy Business Solutions

Security Service Solutions

Our Security Solutions can help mitigate loss, improve profitability, optimise performance, and increase conversion rates all while enhancing your customer experience. Our Smart Technology offers a series of features that focus on event-based functions that deliver many advantages specifically designed for environments such as retail, industrial, manufacturing, mining, hospitality, education, and finance.

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Security Service Solutions | Daisy Business Solutions

Telecoms Service Solutions

Our Teleco teams ensure that our clients are connected in a cost-effective and efficient way, without the need for complicated and expensive equipment. Our objective is to maintain a business’ position at the cutting edge of communication technology. With a full-service fleet of technicians and a helpdesk operating 24/7, Daisy guarantees excellent service and market-leading products.

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Telecoms Service Solutions | Daisy Business Solutions

Connectivity Service Solutions

If you’re looking for solutions, Daisy Connectivity can assist you with the following – SD-WAN and MPLS, Fibre, Wireless, LTE, VSAT, Digital Voice lines, Broadband and Dedicated Internet Access, Point to Point Connections, Hosting and Co-Location solutions, Cloud Services, Off-site Storage.

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Print Service Solutions | Daisy Business Solutions

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