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Business telephone systems have continued to evolve and as a premier office automation company, Daisy Business Solutions are suppliers of the latest in PABX technology. A Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) is a business telephone system that enables companies to connect their business telephone instruments to a public telephone network, thereby allowing all internal and external calls made by the company to be routed through the PABX.

Our PABX technology is designed for companies who are looking for unified communications from a system that allows you to connect to traditional lines, VoIP lines, and cellular networks no matter what your last-mile connectivity infrastructure is.

Easy to use, reliable, and feature-rich, our PABX solutions will help small and medium businesses make a giant leap in efficiency, cost savings and provide you with greater flexibility from our field-upgradable modular design. We are also able to install into the most demanding of business environments and with the advantage of advanced business features, our systems are industry-leading.

With advanced failover, security, monitoring, and reporting capabilities as standard, combined with an internal firewall and support for TLS and SRTP encryption, there has never been a more robust business PABX system.

Our PABX systems are designed for companies that typically have five or more people and require a system that makes call management easy. From small office solutions to enterprise solutions for organisations with up to five hundred people, we have a range of PABX solutions to choose from.

Coupled with the Linkus communications app for Windows desktop, Mac desktop, iPhone, and Android phones. Linkus transforms your desktop and mobile phone into a fully-featured office extension that provides a convenient call experience and offers powerful collaboration features like presence, instant messaging, and CRM integration.

Elevate your Business telephone systems with a solution from Daisy today.

Our Hosted & Premise based PABX Products

Daisy S20 VoIP PBX | Daisy Business Solutions

Daisy S20 VoIP PBX

The Daisy S20 is a stand-alone PBX system with unrivalled range of features for business with less than 20 users. It’s built to be simple to use and powerful in production. 20 ext with 10 concurrent calls
Daisy P-550 VoIP PBX | Daisy Business Solutions

Daisy P-550 VoIP PBX

Full-featured rack-mountable IP-PBX built for small business Win with superior UC capacity and next-level efficiency. It’s built to be simple to use and powerful in production. Up to 50 extensions with 20 concurrent calls
Daisy P-560 VoIP PBX | Daisy Business Solutions

Daisy P-560 VoIP PBX

Simple, powerful and scalable IP-PBX system designed for SMBs with less than 200 users. It’s built to be simple to use and powerful in production. Up to 200 Extensions with 60 concurrent calls
Daisy P-570 VoIP PBX | Daisy Business Solutions

Daisy P-570 VoIP PBX

Support up to 500 users, The Daisy P-570 delivers enterprise-class IP telephony services with a strong presence in scalability, mobility, 3rd-party integration, unified communications, and the ease of use and management.

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