Multi-participant conference calls that are next level.

Collaboration is the name of the game and having an IP conference call system in your office environment is a must-have for any business that requires the need for multi-participant conversations and meetings.

Business IP conference phone systems have continued to evolve and as a premier office automation company, Daisy Business Solutions are suppliers of the latest in IP conference phone technology. Daisy offers a wide range of conference phone solutions that are designed to enable clear communication, either from a boardroom-style environment, online, or on the move.

Designed with the end-user in mind our conference systems are easy to use and come standard with a range of sophisticated features making them perfect for any sized business. We guarantee crystal clear call quality because our products are equipped with Noise Proof technology allowing your team to focus on what’s important, the conversation.


Some of our key product features –

  • 360-degree voice pickup, with a range of 6 meters
  • Pair your IP conference phones with mobile devices, such as smartphones, PC’s and tablets
  • IP conference phone can also connect to the public switched telephone network (PSTN)
  • Connect cordless and conference phones to a single base station
  • Bluetooth capabilities

Collaborate where and how you want, without compromise with the Daisy range of IP conference phone solutions.

Our Conference Products

Daisy CP920 | Daisy Business Solutions

Daisy CP920

The Daisy CP920 boardroom phone is the ideal IP conference phone solution for small to medium boardrooms, as it provides a 360-degree voice pickup, and up to 6 metres of coverage in all directions.
Daisy CP930W | Daisy Business Solutions

Daisy CP930W

The Daisy CP930W is a unique product in this market segment, which allows easy connectivity to existing DECT solutions and participants to make conference calls where they want when they want.
Daisy CP960 | Daisy Business Solutions

Daisy CP960

the Daisy CP960 Android IP conference phone takes collaboration of your boardroom to a new level by offering unprecedented audio quality even with multiple conference call participants.

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