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Automatic number-plate recognition or ANPR is a technology used to create vehicle location data by recognising the characters on vehicle registration plates. ANPR is used by law enforcement, Business parks, Secure lifestyle Complexes, Shopping malls, and Industrial sites to monitor the vehicles that come and go on a daily basis. 

Having the ability to identify vehicles can provide major benefits for businesses and local authorities. ANPR camera solutions can improve entrance security at schools, offices, and factories and make our environment safer.

With an advanced ANPR security system in place organisations are able to: 

  • Collect number plate date.
  • Provide automatic access to trusted vehicles
  • Send alerts when a suspicious vehicle is recognised 
  • Help detect, deter and disrupt criminality
  • Auto-alarm triggering for blacklisted license plates

Managed via a centralised management system they can produce complete vehicle passing records and report generation, real-time alarm management, and health monitoring on all devices. Our ANPR security solutions are also easy to install and deploy.

Our ANPR Products

2mp ANPR Deepinview Darkfighter Camera (8-32mm) | Daisy Business Solutions

2mp ANPR Deepinview Darkfighter Camera (8-32mm)

Deepinview darkfighter 2mp anpr camera

PTZ 8-INCH 2 MP 42X Darkfighter Ir Network Speed Dome | Daisy Business Solutions

PTZ 8-INCH 2 MP 42X Darkfighter Ir Network Speed Dome

400m IR, smart features, optical defog,120dB WDR,Rapid focus, Vehicle tracking, human tracking,Face Capture,ANPR

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