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IT at our Core

As a core service provider to our own group, our Daisy IT business team comprises highly experienced network engineers, helpdesk and remote support technicians, systems developers, pre-sales engineers, and product specialists.

Because Daisy IT is strongly positioned in the ICT industry we have become a preferred provider of all IT infrastructure to our base of national customers. 

Let Daisy IT supply you with all your IT hardware equipment. By collaborating and partnering with you we are able to supply businesses with computer hardware to take care of all your stationery PC and mobile workstation requirements. From laptops, desktops computers, and large display monitors we have access to a wide range of global IT products to suit any IT hardware requirements. Daisy IT is also equipped to provide solutions for high computing and large storage requirements.

Do you require new or additional hardware components? no problem. Daisy IT, are able to source, supply, and install a range of hardware components including motherboards, graphics cards, CPUs, webcams, power supply units, and more. 

Call Daisy IT today for all your business IT hardware requirements.  

Our IT Hardware Products

Dell IT Hardware | Daisy Business Solutions


Data Centre Hardware, (Servers and Networking), On-premise server architecture, Desktops and Laptops.
Supermicro IT Hardware | Daisy Business Solutions


On-premise server architecture.
Ubiquiti IT Hardware | Daisy Business Solutions


On-premise network infrastructure, Network Security, Wireless networking – Point to point and Point (PtP) to Multipoint (PtMP), Network monitoring and management.
Lenovo IT Hardware | Daisy Business Solutions


End-user equipment (Desktops and Laptops).

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