Business Software Solutions

Tailor-make a software solution to help manage and digitise your business.

As business software solutions and technology experts, Daisy understands the important role that business software solutions play in our daily business management processes. We offer a range of business software solutions that will assist businesses with effective Document Management, Business Workflow and Process Design, Print Management, Artificial intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation.
Business Software Solutions | Daisy Business Solutions
Designed to enhance the capturing, storing, and sharing of critical business information our business software solutions ensure all documents such as Word, XLS, PDF, Emails, video, and audio files are manageable and accessible.

From Supply Chains to Contract Management, or Human Resources process to general Business Administration we have solutions that make doing business simpler.

Let Daisy tailor-make a software solution to help manage and digitise your business.

  • Convert paper into an electronic filing cabinet for digital archiving and retrieval, transforming paper processes into digital ones
  • Scan and archive any documents or electronic content for easy access
  • Monitor and manage your printing costs, devices, and supplies by having your finger on the pulse at all times
  • Build and Implement Workflow and Processes
  • Transform the capacity and performance of your organisation

Process Automation and Workflows

Print Management Software

Electronic Document Management


Process Automation and Workflows | Daisy Business Solutions

Process Automation and Workflows

Our Daisy Software Solutions are not just Document Management Systems but are Workflow and Process automation tools that have been designed to make business processes more efficient. Using our Workflow Utility tools enables companies to replicate paper documents into digital formats that assist with the automation of document and data processes

Print Management Software | Daisy Business Solutions

Print Management Software

With an increase in daily costs, our advanced Print Management Software will assist in reducing your monthly print costs. Daisy is established as a premium print solutions provider. Our Print Management Software enables users and device-level managers to control the usage of their printers and multifunctional device activities.

Electronic Document Management | Daisy Business Solutions

Electronic Document Management

Document Management allows organisations to capture, secure and, organise all of their documents, images, videos, and more. Empower staff and teams to share information more easily and securely by converting all your paper documents into digital formats and then arranging and storing them, in a central location.

AI & RPA | Daisy Business Software Solutions


As companies expand there is often a business case for leveraging a single platform to execute and automate their workflows and processes. Manual tasks that take time can now be simplified by implementing software solutions like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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