Our Awards

Welcome to our company's prestigious awards showcase, where excellence meets innovation in the realm of office automation and business technology. With a legacy built on a foundation of cutting-edge solutions and unwavering commitment, we are proud to present our remarkable journey through the accolades and honours we have garnered over the years. As trailblazers in our field, each award signifies not only our dedication to advancing office efficiency and technological prowess but also our unyielding passion for transforming the way businesses operate. Join us in celebrating a remarkable chronicle of recognition and achievement as we continue to shape the future of office automation and business technology.

SOPHOS - SMB Partner Of The Year

It's with immense pride that we announce Daisy's win of the SMB Partner of the Year award in the South African region, highlighting our valuable growth and contributions to Sophos! 

2022 Yeahs Awards

The PABX from Yeastar was awarded to Daisy for having the largest global rollout of the P-Series. We owe this success to all of our staff for their teamwork.

While most carriers of the Yeastar brand are certified gold partners, we have achieved platinum status due to the sheer volume of products sold. This can largely be attributed to our salesforce and their perseverance. Thanks to our platinum status, we now have access to an advanced level of support.

ECN Partner of the Year Award 2022

In 2022 Daisy received the ECN Partner of the Year Award after only 2 years of Having ECN as a supplier. We managed to do this in spite of global events taking place during that period.