Business Solar Solutions

Supplementing your power supply with Green Energy.

The cost of electricity is now 177% more expensive than it was ten years ago and businesses in the production and manufacturing sector should consider alternate power solutions. Daisy Energy has helped many large-scale businesses to set up alternate energy solutions that have allowed them to supplement their power supply and reduce electricity costs. 

Daisy Energy provides full Solar PV feasibility assessments. A simulated design is created of the optimal size of the Solar plant, calculated projected cash flows and the return on investment, or payback in years.

We provide you with:
  • A full analysis of your electricity bills
  • Simulation and costing of a custom solar design
  • The optimal size of the solar plant
  • Projected long-term cash flows involved in the project
  • Projected savings from years 1 - 25
  • Projected return on investment
  • Project finance structures and gearing
  • Building a financial model based on the bills and the yield of the design
  • Building a strategic energy management plan
  • Performing a site consultation
Commercial Solar Solutions | Daisy Business Solutions
With solar energy being a low-risk investment that yields substantial returns it is something that all high day-time energy users should consider.

Solar PV systems are not just great for generating electricity but provide benefits in more ways than one. 

Our Daisy Solar solutions will also help companies:
  1. Reduce electricity costs – Solar energy is cheaper by about 20% than the electricity we get from the grid. This cost-effective solution also has a life span of 20 - 25 years. 
  2. It’s 100% clean – Solar is a renewable energy source that reduces our reliance on oil, gas, and coal and produces zero pollution making it an environmentally friendly option for manufacturers.
  3. Increase business value – Buildings or warehouses with a solid solar infrastructure will demand higher rental or retail prices. Modern production and manufacturing companies will look for solar solutions when looking for new premises. 
  4. Lower maintenance costs – With no moving parts and little wear and tear our Solar solutions do not usually require a lot of maintenance. We also offer extended warranties on our solutions.  
  5. Improve your company image by staying ahead of the game – Modern consumers are more likely to buy from companies that are forward-thinking and concerned about their manufacturing processes 
  6. You become more grid-independent – With regular increases in Eskom tariffs and ever-increasing loadshedding, it is vital to be dependent on the grid as little as possible

Solar Solutions

Business Solar Solutions | Daisy Business Solutions

Solar Solutions

When dealing with Daisy Energy we follow a simple process to ensure you are advised correctly and provided with the best solar solution for your operation.

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