National Schools Program

Our National Schools Program specialises in integrating and developing technology and its benefits in our schools. Every school we partner with aims to achieve compliance through streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that support and promote their growth seamlessly and successfully into the future.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." —Nelson Mandela. 

This dedicated program was born from a passion for education that we discovered while partnering with South African schools to build transformational solutions within the education sector over the past two decades. 

In more recent times, we have become familiar with the ever-increasing necessity for schools to transform, adopt e-learning platforms and achieve alignment in all parallel procedures. 

The program ensures the fulfilment of these requirements by developing customised solutions that cater directly to individual needs and ensure ongoing success into the future. 

Daisy's Educational Development Portfolio currently services over 4000 schools with whom we have partnered. 

These longstanding relationships, wherein we play an active role in the involvement of fundraising initiatives, sports fixtures, and sponsorships, are a vital component in the ongoing success and longevity of the program. 

Our vast service network and infrastructure have a national footprint to support the school's program further because we know how crucial it is to minimise downtime. Serviced by 56 branches and a team of over 400 technical specialists, we ensure record response times.   

Annual school budgets and overhead management are another central focal point of the program. We understand how unmanaged practices that are near impossible to control or measure can result in runaway costs, posing a significant threat to the budget. Our competitive educational pricing models address these dangers by ensuring that expenses related to hardware, consumables, time spend, and other cost-intensive factors are reduced and verdantly managed throughout the academic year. 

As we and our products at Daisy are "Green" advocates, lowering every school's environmental footprint is important. So, in keeping with this philosophy, the program realises further cost-saving advantages through mandatory energy efficiencies built into all solutions.

The road to achieving success in best practice can be daunting; however, Daisy is here to help light the path. Call us today