Daisy CUBE: A Back-Up Power Solution to Your Loadshedding Worries

2023-03-24 18:58:09

Loadshedding in South Africa has taken a major toll on business productivity. In a recent announcement, it was said that there's a 50% likelihood that South Africa will hit stage 8 load with the potential for a stage 10 in the not-so-distant future... how scary!

Now more than ever your business must have some sort of backup power strategy in place to ensure they can continue to function through these consistent power interruptions. 

Not being properly prepared can have a detrimental impact on your business and productivity, however, with a solid plan in place for load-shedding, these interruptions to our daily business lives can be avoided.
In this article, we discuss solutions for your business and give you ideas to implement during load sheds. Read on to find out the best options for you. 


What Is Loadshedding?

We all know South Africa is currently facing a difficult energy crisis that is causing widespread disruption to our citizens and local businesses.
Load shedding is caused by a lack of electricity generation capacity and is a form of a planned power outage. This is implemented by our national electricity provider, Eskom. 
Although load shedding in South Africa is nothing new, increasingly, areas are facing rolling blackouts. Sometimes these last for more than 8 hours. This has caused significant economic and social disruption. 
The main cause of the energy crisis is inadequate investment in energy generation. Existing equipment isn't properly maintained and funds aren't invested in updating to more efficient systems.
There's a lack of infrastructure, as well as an increase in demand due to population growth. According to the government, they have implemented several strategies to address the problems. However, the effects of load shedding continue to be felt across the country.


Back-Up Power Options

There are several options available to businesses to generate backup power during power-shedding times. Here's a list of the main options available. 


A backup power generator is a device that works by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. They are a solid choice as backup power, as they are available in a variety of sizes. These range from small portable units right up to large industrial units. 
They can also be powered by a variety of fuel sources, from gasoline to natural gas and even solar. 


Batteries are a popular backup power solution. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to store, and can provide a steady stream of power when needed. Batteries can be used in a variety of applications, from powering a small device to providing backup power for an entire home or business. These can be charged by electricity during regular times, or by solar power.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular choice for backup power solutions. They can be slightly more expensive in the installation stages. The payoff is that there is little expense after installation, especially if you live in an area with plenty of sunshine. This is also the best option for reducing your carbon footprint and providing a renewable source of energy. Solar panels can be used to power a variety of devices, from small electronics to entire homes or businesses. 

Fuel Cells

Compared to the rest of this list, fuel cells are a relatively new technology. They are gaining some traction, but are currently, in the development stages. Give it a few years, and these could equal the other options in this list. 

Daisy CUBE Review

If you're looking for the perfect solution to your load-shedding worries, then consider the Daisy CUBE. The Daisy cube is a fast and effective way to ensure your business stays productive during load shedding. 
The Daisy CUBE comes with solar options. Not only does it provide a reliable backup power source, but it also helps to save you money on your monthly energy usage.
Daisy Energy has partnered with the leading generator, inverter, and UPS supplier to create the best backup power solution available on the market today.

What Can the Daisy CUBE Power?

The Daisy CUBE can power single office units, farm buildings, shops, and whole service premises, such as schools. Speak to our engineers today, who will give you a detailed quote for the size you need.

Why Choose Daisy Energy?

There are several reasons why you should trust Daisy Energy. For a start, Daisy Energy provides a full turn-key backup power solution. They will be your point of contact and oversee procurement through to installation as well as provide any required maintenance.

Furthermore, our systems are custom-built and tailored to exactly what you, as the customer need. This means having the correct sizing to design as well as securing project finance for what your business can realistically afford.

Still, Looking for Power Shedding Solutions?

Unfortunately, load shedding is here to stay for the foreseeable future, therefore it's vital to have a solid backup power strategy to keep your business functioning throughout these times.

If you're not sure what the best solution is for your business, then contact the team at Daisy Energy. We specialise in business environment infrastructure and in making sure your business runs smoothly. Speak to our knowledgeable engineers today.